Avengers: Endgame’s Directors Will Be Bringing A Magic: The Gathering Animated Series To Netflix

You would think that a game as old and as storied as Magic: the Gathering would have a ton of TV shows and movies made based around the universe that it created, but oddly enough, that has never happened. There were initial plans for a film, but unfortunately, that did not quite take off.

Netflix Releases Final Jessica Jones Season Trailer

Fans of the Jessica Jones series will already be aware that the forthcoming season will be the last for this Marvel show. Netflix today released a trailer for the final season of Jessica Jones and also confirmed when all episodes of the show will be available for on-demand streaming.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Netflix Release Confirmed

Netflix subscribers will be excited to hear that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is coming to the streaming service. The company officially confirmed today when they will be able to stream this title on-demand. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will be available on Netflix starting late next month.

First Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer Released

Netflix’s popular dystopian anthology series is coming back next month. The online streaming company today released the first trailer of Black Mirror season 5. The new season has been a long time coming so you can be sure that fans are very excited to see all of the new stories that it will tell.


Official ‘Stranger Things’ LEGO Set Looks Stunning

Netflix has enjoyed quite a bit of success with its original shows, such as Stranger Things whose third season is expected to be released in the coming months. For those who are huge fans of the show and don’t mind collecting a bit of pop culture, you’ll be pleased to learn that LEGO has since unveiled the playset for Stranger Things.

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Series Release Date Leaked

As some of you might have heard, Netflix is working on a “The Witcher” series. The company stated that the series would be released late 2019, but did not specify when. However according to a report from Recapped, they have revealed that the series is now set for a release on the 20th of December, 2019.

Your Netflix Shows Are About To Sound A Lot Better

When it comes to enjoying your TV shows and movies, obviously video quality plays a big role in determining your experience, but let’s not forget about audio quality as well. After all, there is a reason why many cinemas use high-end audio equipment, and why there are many who don’t mind spending that money to upgrade their own home entertainment systems as well.

Niantic’s Ingress Game Now Available On Netflix As An Animation Series

Many might be familiar with Niantic as the developer of the popular augmented reality game, Pokemon GO. However, years before Pokemon GO became a reality, the company was actually developing another AR based game in the form of Ingress, which admittedly did not quite receive the same level of attention that Pokemon GO did.

Netflix Reportedly Has More Beyonce Specials After ‘Homecoming’

Netflix’s deal with one of the biggest stars in music may go beyond just one special. Beyonce’s behind-the-scenes Coachella documentary titled Homecoming is reportedly not the only special that the singer extraordinaire has signed up with Netflix for. It’s actually said to be a three-project deal.

Netflix To Spend $100 Million On New York Production Hub

Netflix is going to make its presence felt in New York in a significant way. The online streaming giant has confirmed that it’s going to invest $100 million to build a production hub in New York. It will also be hiring hundreds of new staffers in the process, a statement from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reiterated.

Netflix Testing Out Allowing Users To Watch Random Episodes

One of the appealing aspects of Netflix compared to regular TV channels is that you get to choose what to watch and when to watch. However, perhaps in a bid to encourage users to discover new content and episodes they might have missed, it seems that Netflix is testing out the ability for users to watch episodes at random.

Netflix To Test Top 10 List Of Its Popular Content

Netflix is going to test a top 10 list of its most popular movies and shows with streamers in the United Kingdom. The list would enable them to see at a glace which movies and series are performing the best on Netflix. The list is going to be updated weekly with each genre getting its dedicated list.

Netflix Interested In Acquiring Iconic Hollywood Movie Theater

Netflix may be looking to purchase its first movie theater. According to reports, the company is in talks to acquire the iconic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. If it ends up purchasing the theater, it would then supposedly decide what to screen during the week. This would give subscribers another way to watch Netflix releases.

Netflix Has Removed AirPlay Support

AirPlay is one of the easiest ways to share content from your Apple device to your Apple TV. So you could easily watch videos you took on an iPhone with this feature and even stream content from apps on the big screen through AirPlay. That will no longer be possible now for Netflix. The company has confirmed that it has removed AirPlay support this past week.