The Nexus Q was announced back two weeks ago at Google I/O  and if you were an attendee you got one for free yourself. Although the device looks pretty cool, it doesn’t have much functionality out of the box. You’re pretty much limited to Google Play and Youtube content when it comes what you’re able to stream to your TV or speakers. KornyOne, a member over at the XDA Developer Forums, has developed a hack which helps extend the functionality of your Nexus Q to much more than streaming music and youtube videos.

This is definitely not the hack that an average joe should attempt, but it apparently yields some great results. You’ll get a home replacement launcher as well as accessibility to apps including games and Netflix streaming. This is just a preview for more to come as well, expect an easier hack as well as more options once the device is officially released and more developers are behind it.

Google will have a hard time selling the device for just streaming media functionality at $300. It is somehow similar in build to the Google TV and just as this hack has showed us, it is capable of much more. I’m sure customers would want more out of their device for $300 and Google would be smart to add more options to it. We’ll keep you updated on the hack as it progresses, in the meantime check out the video below highlighting the features.

The Nexus Q is currently available for pre-order and will ship at some point in July. Are you going to purchase the Nexus Q? Let us know in the comments section below.

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