nissan-leaf-78kHow many of you out there have complete faith in an electric car? If you have answered in the affirmative, have you taken the necessary steps of faith by actually purchasing one of these puppies for yourself? The Nissan LEAF has done pretty well for itself in the past, but the question of its durability remains hanging in the air. Well, if you have had your doubts about the Nissan LEAF all this while, perhaps you might be interested to hear that a LEAF owner in Washington, Steve Marsh, owns a 2 year old Nissan LEAF that has already clocked up a whopping 80,000 miles.

Isn’t that proof enough that the Nissan LEAF has what it takes to be an everyday car that you can commute to work? At first, Marsh juiced up his LEAF at home, followed by doing the same at work as there was a charging station installed there, and he also had to wear additional layers during the winter in order to forgo heat so that the LEAF’s range is increased in the long run. Not only that, it seems that his LEAF’s battery’s charging capability has yet to drop, and the only other major problem that he faced was a broken drivers’ side window control.

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