What do you think about the Nissan LEAF as an electric vehicle? We did take it out for a spin a few years back, but have not owned one until now. One of the major drawbacks of an electric vehicle would be its battery power, considering how the technology is still in its relative infancy compared to the normal gas-powered engines, how long can a battery last, and how affordable is it to replace if something goes wrong? Not only that, there are also battery durability issues to think about. You would most probably cringe at the content of the YouTube video above, where a Nissan LEAF battery cell went through a real world torture test, including a blowtorch attack as well as a flurry of screwdriver stabs.


Of course, the reason why the Nissan LEAF battery still works after all of the abuse is thrown at it could be due to the fact that only one cell received relatively low-energy impacts over a small area instead of the entire battery pack receiving high-energy impact from a large piece of metal debris. We do wonder whether future batteries will be totally non-flammable. That would certainly be quite an achievement, don’t you think so?

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