When the Nissan LEAF car was first released, it certainly caused plenty of waves, not because it had a design that split opinions right down the middle, nor for the fact that it is a small sized people mover, but simply because it was marketed to be an affordable electric car for the masses. It has since proven its worth on the road, and Nissan continues to make new strides with a LEAF that can ‘read minds’ – while projecting driver reactions on the road.


This is achieved thanks to a special-edition Leaf that will be able to scan the brainwaves of a driver in order to display messages right outside of the vehicle. The whole effort is part of the Nissan LEAF’s 5th anniversary celebration, where a headset inside the ride will scan the driver’s brain waves before he or she starts to drive, of course, before proceeding by projecting one out of the 30-plus messages in a comic format on the road – in real time, too.

This means other road users can check out a general vibe of what you have in your mind, so it would be best to keep the road rage monster checked. This is but a concept, so do not expect it to become mainstream.

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