Office For Android Phones Now Available

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Office for Android but unfortunately it was only limited to Android tablets (even then tablets had to meet certain hardware requirements). So what about users on Android phones who would much rather have the app on their phones than tablets? Well the good news is that it is finally here.According to a post on the Microsoft blog written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, “Today I’m pleased to […]

Office For Android Smartphones Preview Apps Released

Microsoft has already released its core Office applications for Android devices but initially they were only made available to Android tablets. Today the company announced that phone support has been added to these applications which means users can now get them on their Android smartphones. The Office for Android preview apps include Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the quintessential apps of the Office suite.

Office For iPad Will Get Add-Ins Support, Android To Follow Later

Users who have used Microsoft Office for the desktop are probably familiar with add-ins. Essentially one could think of add-ins for Office as how extensions are for browsers where users can add more features and functionality to the app that might make their life more convenient.The good news is that it looks like add-ins is a feature that Microsoft will be bringing to its mobile version of Office. Announced on […]

Office Preview Apps For Tablets With x86 Processors And Lollipop Released

Microsoft’s decision to release its core Office apps for Android tablets was welcomed but there was a big problem with the initial release. It didn’t have support for devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later which meant that most recent devices could not be used to download the Office apps. The apps also didn’t have support for x86 processors which one finds in many mid-range tablets. Microsoft has now released preview […]


Touch-Friendly Office For Windows 10 Phones Promised For This Month

It’s an interesting choice that Microsoft has made when they launched touch-friendly/optimized versions of their Office productivity suite for iOS and Android devices before releasing it for their own mobile devices, but for iOS and Android users, we suppose this is a good thing. That being said if you’re a Windows Phone user looking for the Office experience, you probably won’t have to wait much longer.Microsoft recently made an announcement […]

Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac Preview Updated

Microsoft has just rolled out a spanking new version of the Office 2016 for Mac Preview, which is said to do away with bug and performance issues, at the same time throw in a slew of new features. Apart from that, the company has also launched a couple of new Office 365 apps simultaneously for the iPhone, namely the Office Delve and Office 365 Video.

Samsung Will Now Bundle Microsoft Office Apps On Some Tablets

Once Microsoft and Samsung resolved their disputes it was the start of a new partnership. This partnership saw some Microsoft apps like OneDrive, OneNote and Skype bundled on the Galaxy S6 in a separate folder called Microsoft Apps. Both companies today issued a press release announcing that they have decided to take this partnership one step further. Samsung will now be bundling Microsoft Office apps in some of its Android […]

Microsoft Allows Students Worldwide To Check For Free Office Eligibility

In September last year Microsoft launched a new program which allowed students across the country to check and see if they were eligible for a free Office 365 license, which would then allow them to install the company’s productivity software for free. Microsoft has announced today that now students worldwide can check if they’re eligible and subsequently install Office apps for free.

Office Mobile And Web Apps Will Now Support All Cloud Storage Services

In November last year Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing Dropbox integration for Office. The company runs its own cloud storage service, OneDrive, and many would have though it impossible for the company to open up to other services. However it did open up and earlier today the company launched updated iOS apps that bring support for iCloud storage. Now Microsoft has announced that Office mobile and web apps are going to […]

Microsoft Adds iCloud Support To Its Office For iOS Apps

Last year Microsoft made the decision to do away with the need for an Office 365 subscription for users of its Office for iPad apps, thus allowing users to view and make basic edits without having to need a subscription, although like we pointed out in our previous report, more advanced features would require a subscription, such as saving to OneDrive.Now for those who want to save their documents to […]

Google Plans On Nabbing 80% Of Microsoft’s Office Share

When it comes to productivity in the office, it is safe to say that the majority of businesses out there rely on Microsoft Office to get their work done, type up documents, send emails, create presentation slides, put together spreadsheets that help calculate finances, and so on. Of course Office isn’t the only option out there as there is also Google Apps for Work which is basically Google’s alternative to […]

Office For Android Exits Preview, Now Available For Everyone

As it stands, iPad users are enjoying Office for the iPad, but for Android users, previously Microsoft had limited the app to users of their preview program. The good news is that it looks like Microsoft has finally decided to launch the app for everyone, so if you were looking forward to getting your productivity on, you will be able to do so.The apps will be similar to the iOS […]

Office Sway Gets Updated With Embeds

There is a new presentation tool from the folks over at Microsoft which is known as Office Sway, and this is actually a modern version of what we are used to calling as PowerPoint. The thing is, Office Sway is slightly different, as it has been designed for story telling instead. Available in the form of a web preview since October last year as well as in the form of […]

Touch Based Office Apps Demonstrated On Video

Microsoft had a lot to talk about at its event last week. It finally lifted the wraps off of Windows 10. Gave us a glimpse at some of the new features that its building and even unveiled its vision for hologram technology for the masses with HoloLens. Touched based Office apps also made an appearance during the event and now Microsoft has posted a video demonstration online to talk more about […]