edge office extensionIf you have ever used the Microsoft Edge browser that comes bundled with Windows 10, you know that the difference in your experience of using it compared to Internet Explorer is like night and day. However if there is one drawback to the Edge browser is that at the moment, support for extensions is not built-in yet.


However this is something that Microsoft is working towards (and also trying to get Chrome extensions to work in Edge) and we expect that the next major update should bring the feature to the table. That being said, in the meantime it looks like Microsoft has also been working on extensions of their own, such as an extension that would put Microsoft Office support in the browser itself.

From what we can tell and from the description of the extensions, it seems to be rather straightforward. The extensions will give users access to the online versions of Microsoft Office that will open in the browser itself. This means that if you need quick access to Microsoft Word or Excel, you will be able to pull it from the browser itself.

It can also open recent files so if you’re on another computer that doesn’t have the file or Office installed, you will still be able to open it and edit it within your browser. We’re not sure if there will be added functionality upon its release, but so far so good.

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