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Amber Red OnePlus 6 Has Been Officially Launched
Back in the day when the majority of smartphones were only available in a black finish, seeing phones launched in white was such a rare sight. These days red appears to be a pretty popular alternative to white as we have seen quite a few handset manufacturers launch their phones in a red finish.

OnePlus 6 Update Will Improve Its Call Quality
Our phones have definitely evolved to do many things, such as take photos, play music, surf the web, play games, used for augmented and virtual reality, but at the end of the day, it is still a phone which means that it needs to make phone calls, otherwise it wouldn’t really be appropriate to call it a phone, right?

OnePlus 6 Bootloader Vulnerability Discovered, Fix Incoming
If there is a reason why some Android manufacturers choose to the lock the bootloaders on their devices, it would be to prevent outside code from being flashed onto the handset, which in theory should keep the device secure. Unfortunately a gate is only as secure as its lock, which in the case of the OnePlus 6 was found out not to be the case.

OnePlus 6 Silk White Goes On Sale This Week
It was revealed even before the handset was announced that the OnePlus 6 would be available in a white hue. Those who don’t want to pick up the device in a darker hue will now be delighted to find out that the OnePlus 6 is going to be available in Silk White this week. This is a limited edition color option, though, so those who want to pick one up […]


OnePlus 6 Face Unlock Fooled By Printed Photo
Face unlock isn’t really a new feature on the OnePlus 6 given that the company already allowed the OnePlus 5T to do this. However, since that device didn’t have depth sensing or 3D face mapping, it was simply using the front camera to recognize the user’s face. OnePlus didn’t add those components to the OnePlus 6 as well and it too relies on the front camera. This means that the […]

256GB OnePlus 6 Already Out Of Stock
OnePlus only recently started selling its new flagship smartphone and it appears that the one with the most onboard storage has become particularly popular with customers. It has only been a week since the company started selling the device and it’s already sold out of the 256GB OnePlus 6. This variant also features 8GB of RAM and costs $629, a full $100 above the base model of the device.

Recent OnePlus 6 Update Seemingly Removes Always-On Ambient Display
There are some phones out there that have the ability to display information on the screen at all times, even when it is locked. This helps keep users informed if they might have an email or message that needs attending, or if it is something they can tend to later without having to reach for their phone or turn it on.

OnePlus 6 Is The Company’s First Handset With Seamless Android Updates
The OnePlus 6 is a handset of many first for the company. OnePlus confirmed several weeks before officially unveiling the device that it would be the company’s first smartphone with a display notch. It’s also the first OnePlus smartphone that has a glass body and now it also happens to be the first one from the company to feature support for seamless Android updates.

First OnePlus 6 Update Brings Notch Hiding Ability
OnePlus fans weren’t really that excited when the company first revealed that the OnePlus 6 would have a notched bezel-less display. The company listened to the feedback from its customers and announced that it will release an update after the handset ships which will let users hide the notch by applying a black bar around it. That update is now rolling out today and it brings a couple of new […]

OnePlus 6 Available To Order Starting Today
It has been a week since OnePlus announced its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 6. Much has been said and written about this device in the last few days and if you have made up your mind about picking one up, you can do that starting today. The OnePlus 6 is now available to order from the company’s online store.

OnePlus 6T Launch Likely This Year As Company Will Stick To Schedule
OnePlus has been launching two devices every year for the past couple of years. It first releases the new flagship for the year which is a big improvement over its predecessor and then follows that up about six months later with a slightly upgraded version of the handset that’s branded as a “T” device, look no further than last year’s OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. It launched the OnePlus 6 […]

OnePlus 6 Durability Test Will Leave Fans Pleased
OnePlus finally launched the new OnePlus 6 officially yesterday. It’s the first smartphone from the company to feature a glass back. Many would be wondering what the OnePlus 6 durability test results would reveal after this major change and they will be pleased to know that the handset has performed well in its durability test.

OnePlus 6 Avengers: Infinity War Edition Announced
Before the OnePlus 6 was officially announced, OnePlus had already confirmed that they would be making a special version of the phone themed around Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. For those wondering about the handset, wonder no more as OnePlus has officially announced the OnePlus 6 Avengers: Infinity War Edition.

The OnePlus 6 Has Been Officially Announced
If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the OnePlus 6 which was supposed to be announced today, you’ll be pleased to learn that the handset has since been made official. The OnePlus 6 is essentially the successor to the OnePlus 5T and as you can see in terms of design, the OnePlus 6 is following the trend of full screen smartphones.