OS X is the Operating System used on Apple Macintosh computers. It is based on Unix and started to ship on Macs in 2002. It succeeded to Mac OS 9 which was the final version of the pre-OS X operating system for Apple computers. OS X is derived from the work done on NeXTSTEP, the operating system written for Steve Job’s NeXT company.

Photos For OS X Beta Previewed
It does seem as though Apple’s very first beta of the upcoming Photos application for OS X points users in the direction of a sleek, uncluttered interface which will make one feel as though using it is a very natural thing, especially for those who have already made use of the modern Photos app for iPhone and iPad. Not only that, the Photos app for OS X will also bring […]

iTunes 12.1 Brings OS X Notification Center Widget
Mac users have a new iTunes update to play with. Apple has released an incremental update for its desktop software which brings a new feature apart from the usual tweaks and improvements that one expects from incremental updates. iTunes 12.1 is the latest version of Apple’s desktop software, OS X users should have already received a notification about this update, which can be installed from the Mac App Store’s update section.

Photos For OS X Removed From Apple's Website, Hints At Possible Delay
Last year Apple announced that they would be ceasing the development of their Aperture photography app. However the Photos app would be taking its place where it is expected to come with both basic and advanced features, allowing the novice and professional to edit their photos with ease.Apple did not provide a specific date as to when the app would be released, but it was part of the OS X […]

Google Disclosed OS X Vulnerabilities Patched In OS X 10.10.2
Earlier this week, Google’s security team Project Zero released a report which highlighted some vulnerabilities found in Apple’s OS X. The good news is that if you’re an OS X user and worried about the potential security risk you are facing, you can rest assured in knowing that Apple has already patched one of the three vulnerabilities, and the other two are in the works.According to the folks at iMore, […]


Dropbox To Stop Supporting OS X 10.5 After 18th May 2015
It is understandable that some of you guys running OS X might be running older builds of Apple’s desktop operating system. This could simply be due to hardware incompatibility with the newer versions of OS X, or it could be that you simply prefer the features and design of the older OS X builds.However if you’re a Dropbox user, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading. Dropbox has recently announced through […]

Chrome For OS X Emoji Support Arrives
 There’s great news today for people who were always irked by the inability of Chrome for OS X to display emojis. For a few years there has been a bug in this web browser which has prevented Apple’s emoji’s from properly being displayed. The company has finally taken note as the bug has been squashed, and this means that support for Apple’s emoji is coming very soon to Chrome for […]

Novalia Interactive DJ Decks Lets You Make Music In A New Way
Novalia has collaborated with DJ Qbert in order to churn out what are deemed to be the first interactive DJ Decks in an album cover in the whole world, and assuming this particular idea catches on in the long run, this is definitely going to be a historical moment. QBert’s Kickstarter funded Extraterrestria album will boast of a set of working Bluetooth MIDI decks accompanied by controls, where these will […]

Apple Pushes Out Critical Security Update For OS X
If you’re a Mac user running the latest version of OS X Yosemite, or maybe older versions like Mavericks or Mountain Lion, you might want to install a security update that Apple has recently pushed out to their users. The update supposedly addresses a critical security issue with the software that provides the Network Time Protocol service on OS X, so safe to say that users will want to get […]

djay PRO Arrives On Mac With Spotify Integration
djay is a very popular application for the iPad, it also happens to be one of the best selling apps of its kind. This is a DJ app that has been around for a very long time on Apple’s tablet and today a new version arrives on the Mac with even more features, and Spotify integration baked right in. This new app comes from developer Algoriddim and it’s called djay PRO.

WireLurker Malware Targets iPhones Through OS X
When it comes to making the choice between OS X and Windows, the proponents and supporters of the former tend to trumpet the fact that security issues are a whole lot less, and viruses practically not an issue to worry about, as opposed to Microsoft’s Windows platform (and in the years of yore, DOS). So too, has this argument carried on to the world of mobile operating systems. Well, apparently […]

OS X Yosemite Security Flaw Discovered
Apple is extremely proud of their OS X, no doubt about it, but having said that, even the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While the OS X is a great operating system, this does not mean that it does not come without its fair share of flaws. No sir, there are also warts and all in the OS X from Apple, and it looks like a potentially […]

Updated Office For Mac Arriving In 2015, Outlook Updated In The Meantime
Over the past week or so, we have been seeing leaked screenshots of the upcoming Microsoft Office update For OS X. Well it looks like it has been made official, sort of. Microsoft has recently announced via its Office blog that a new version of Outlook for Mac computers has been released for Office 365 users.The latest update to Outlook will introduce a new look which seems to be very […]

Office For OS X Leaked
Do parents love all of their children equally? That might be the case on paper, but many a time, parents do have their personal favorites, and perhaps in the case of Microsoft, they happen to love other “children” more than Office for OS X. Why do we say so? Well, the most recent major release for this particular platform happens to be Office 2011, although that will soon be an […]

Mailbox For OS X Enters Into Open Beta Phase
If you have a smartphone and check emails on it regularly, chances are you might have heard of the email app called Mailbox. One of the reasons the app is so popular is because of its clean and simple user interface, and how the developers push users towards having an empty inbox, which is usually a sign that you have replied all the emails that needs attending to.The app eventually […]

Wild Rumor Suggests 12.9-inch iPad Running Both iOS & OS X
There has been talk in the past about whether Apple would eventually one day unify both their iOS and OS X platforms. One has been designed for mobile devices while one has been designed for computers, and given that OS X has slowly been getting iOS features, it does not seem like quite a stretch of the imagination.While it remains to be seen if that will ever happen, a new […]

Apple: Majority Of OS X Users Safe From Bash Bug, Update Coming
According to a recent report, a new bug has been discovered which has since been referred to as the Bash bug. Some believe that it could be just as, if not more disastrous than the Heartbleed bug that made the headlines earlier this year. The Bash bug not only affect Linux computers, but it also seems that it affected Apple’s OS X computers as well.However thankfully it seems that if […]

Newly Discovered Bash Bug Could Be More Dangerous Than Heartbleed
Earlier this year, a security vulnerability called Heartbleed made the headlines. According to the reports at that time, the vulnerability was so bad that security researchers believed that it could have affected as many as two thirds of the internet. Unfortunately it looks like a new bug has been discovered that could possibly put Heartbleed to shame.Thanks to the security team at Red Hat (via The Verge), they have discovered […]

OS X Yosemite's Pre-launch Adoption Is 33 Times Higher Than Mavericks
Apple’s OS X platform has more or less retained the same look over the past few years. Sure, Apple’s made some tweaks here and there, some visual changes, but it’s safe to say that OS X Yosemite could be the biggest visual overhaul to date. That and the fact that it comes with even tighter integration with iOS certainly makes it an exciting platform to look forward to.This is why […]

64-bit Chrome For Mac Now Available As A Beta
A couple of days ago, Google announced that they had released a stable version of their 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows computers. Well the good news is that if you’re a Mac user and you’re looking to take advantage of the 64-bit Chrome, you’re in luck because in a recent post by Google, they have announced the release of the beta build for 64-bit Chrome for Mac.As expected with […]

Parallels Desktop 10 For Mac Announced With OS X 10.10 Support
For the most part, OS X supports mainstream applications that are also available on Windows, but if you’re looking to use a very particular piece of software that just isn’t available on OS X, or if its OS X equivalent just isn’t up to scratch, then running Windows on your Mac is probably a good idea.There are a couple of different options to choose from, like Boot Camp and Parallels, […]