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At Least Six New Heroes Planned For Overwatch
During BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard officially announced that Overwatch would be getting a new hero in the form of Ashe. They also released an animated short called Reunion in which at the end of the short, it revealed a second hero that had yet to be officially announced. That has since been confirmed to be Echo.

Blizzard Has No Plans To Make Overwatch Free-To-Play
One of the ways that many companies use to try and attract gamers to their games is by removing as many restrictions/hurdles as possible, such as an upfront fee where they are hoping that a free game will make the game more attractive for gamers to pick up. This has worked extremely well for various titles over the years.

Overwatch ‘Reunion’ Animated Short Released
During BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard launched a brand new animated short for its Overwatch franchise. Dubbed “Reunion”, this seems to be a short focused around McCree, one of Overwatch’s original heroes, and also Ashe, who is one of the new playable heroes that Blizzard announced that would be coming to the game.

New Overwatch Hero ‘Ashe’ Officially Announced
It has been previously reported that Blizzard might have a new Overwatch hero in the works. Given that the company has been slowly expanding the roster of heroes in the game, this news did not come as a surprise. In fact at BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard took the wraps off the new hero in the form of Ashe.


Nendoroid Torbjorn Collectible Officially Announced
In the past we have seen Blizzard team up with the folks at Good Smile Company in Japan to create Nendoroid collectible figurines based on Overwatch. The good news for those looking to expand their Nendoroid collection is that Blizzard and Good Smile have since officially announced the next figurine that will be part of the lineup in the form of Torbjorn.

First Overwatch LEGO Set Revealed ‘Omnic Bastion’
Earlier this month, Blizzard teased that they would be collaborating with LEGO to create some Overwatch LEGO sets. For those wondering what the first set will be, it turns out it is none other than Bastion where we can see the character recreated in all of its glory using nothing but LEGO bricks.

Blizzard Unveils Mei’s Levitating Snowball Collectible
While we’ve seen Blizzard release various merchandise for its other franchises, it seems like Blizzard is really kicking things into high gear with Overwatch. The company has recently debuted a new Overwatch collectible which comes in the form of Mei’s LEVITATING SB-9, also known as Snowball.

Blizzard’s Overwatch Will Be Gettings Its Own LEGO Sets
While Blizzard franchises such as StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo have been around much longer, it seems that Overwatch is catching up rapidly in terms of popularity, especially in modern pop culture. Not only have we seen companies such as Habro hop on board the Overwatch bandwagon with Nerf blasters, but now it seems that LEGO is next.

Blizzard Is Selling A $200 Replica Genji Sword From Overwatch
If you’re a fan of collectibles then you might be interested to learn that Blizzard has announced that they will be selling a replica of Genji’s sword from Overwatch. This sword will feature built-in lights to replicate the sword’s effects from the game, and even has a sound chip that will playback Genji’s sound clips from the game.

Blizzard Is Testing A Colorblind Option For Overwatch
There are all kinds of gamers out there, such as those with disabilities. This means that sometimes there are certain features of a game that will be hard for gamers to enjoy. The good news is that if you’re colorblind and you play Overwatch, you might be excited to learn that Blizzard has announced that they are testing out a colorblind option in the game.

Blizzard Now Banning Overwatch Third-Party Stats Apps
As is the case with a lot of games, usually if there is a strong community, we start seeing third-party applications and mods that have been designed to improve on the gameplay and overall experience. Unfortunately sometimes those apps run foul of the game’s end user license agreement, such is the case with Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Overwatch Update Adds New ‘Busan’ Map To The Mix
Overwatch’s recent Summer Games event from last month took place in Busan, South Korea. It was speculated that this was Blizzard’s way to acknowledging its strong Overwatch fan and playerbase in the country. Now the good news for those who enjoyed the Busan Summer Games, it seems that the latest Overwatch update brings a new Busan map to the game.

Overwatch Is Part Of This Month’s Humble Bundle
While we wouldn’t say that Blizzard’s Overwatch is expensive, the fact that it doesn’t have a playable demo means that players will need to take a chance on the game when they buy it. However if you have been meaning to get your hands on it, then you might be interested to learn that Overwatch will be part of this month’s Humble Bundle.

Paid Loot Boxes In Overwatch & Heroes Of The Storm Disabled In Belgium
Loot boxes and in-game purchases has been a popular way for developers to make money for their game beyond the original price that was paid. Unfortunately the rise in popularity of loot boxes has raised some eyebrows, where last year was the tipping point where EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s loot boxes were investigated over the possibility that it might be gambling.