Even though Twitter doesn’t have as many active users as Google+ and Facebook, I still prefer to use it as my go-to platform to share all of my future meals, communicate with celebrities and share my random thoughts. Tweetbot for iOS has been the premier Twitter application for both hardcore and casual Twitter users, and it’s received an update that adds a ton of support to some third-party services.

In Tweetbot version 2.7, the company has added the ability to have links open within the mobile version of Google Chrome, which marks the first time we can recall a popular app like this offering an alternative in which browser is used to open links. 1Password users will also be able to open links within its program.

Tweetbot has also added inline image support for Vine and Flickr posts, which means when someone you follow publishes content to either one of these services, a nice, little thumbnail will show up next to the link.

It’s a shame Vine no longer includes pornography as those thumbnail images could have been quite the treat to stumble onto. Although, I’m sure many of my followers would certainly appreciate the lack of pornography as I probably have no business posting those kinds of videos any more.

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