Samsung is known for their displays, whether we’re talking about mass producing OLEDs for phones, tablets, or TVs, or in the recent years, foldables which Samsung seems to be largely using for themselves. However, it seems that Samsung could be looking to take their experience and expertise and apply it to a different type of display – stretchable displays.

According to the patent discovered by Patently Apple, Samsung has filed a patent for a stretchable display that could have potential medical or health applications. The patent describes how the display could come embedded with biosensors that could monitor various types of things.

The patent describes various situations and applications, such as how the display could include an EGG sensor, an ECG sensor, a blood pressure sensor, and more. It also suggests that it might have an RFID antenna, a motion sensor, a strain sensor, and the likes. Skin-based sensors aren’t exactly new though.

In the past we’ve seen researchers attempt to create wearables for the skin that could be used for temperature sensing, and some fashion companies have even created skin patches in the past that can tell if you’ve been exposed to too much UV. However, Samsung’s patent is different as it includes a display that could offer up more details at a glance.

There’s no word on whether or not Samsung plans to make their patent a reality, but seeing as the company does have its own wearables, so maybe we could see some kind of ultra-thin wearable from Samsung in the future.

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