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Italy Supreme Court: Mobile phones do cause brain tumors
The eternal debate rages on even after this landmark ruling, and I am not referring to Pepsi vs Coke or the Bird vs Johnson, or even Ali vs Foreman, but rather, do mobile phones (smartphones fall under this category too, for that matter) cause cancer in the brain or not? Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled so, citing that they found a ‘causal link’ between 60-year old businessman Innocente Marcolini’s mobile […]

Phone valet for schoolkids looks like a viable business idea
Do you have a good business idea that is swimming right in your head? Well, if it happens to be a consumer electronics valet service, someone else already beat you to it a few years back. For instance, since phones are banned in all New York City public schools, any student caught flouting this rule would have their handsets confiscated – but this rule is widely ignored except for those […]

Man dials 911 with butt during alleged drug deal
Talk about having a stinking problem – it seems that during an alleged drug deal, a man dialed 911 by accident using of all things, his butt. Yes sir, the part of your body which has one of the softest bits of flesh, and is used to cushion and support most of your body weight whenever you sit down, proved to be the undoing of this alleged drug deal. Justin […]

Xiaomi Phone 2 to come in 3 variants
We took a gander at the Xiaomi Phone 2 just a few days ago, and here is more information about it. The Xiaomi Phone 2 has been spotted in a particular filing from TENAA, where it is known by its codename “2012051”, and we do know that the Xiaomi Phone 2 will come with a built-in WCDMA radio. Some folks out there might figure out that this is rather familiar […]


Xiaomi Phone 2 could see August 16 debut with super strong packaging
Just how tough do you think your smartphone is? Well, here could be a potential benchmark for you to look at – the Xiaomi Phone 2 which might debut this coming August 16th which is just a fortnight away, where it boasts of an extremely robust packaging that is touted to withstand weight of up to 180kg as you can see in the image on the right. Some of the […]

Ofcom research: UK folks prefer to text than call
Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, has performed a research which discovered that most UK adults prefer to send a text message instead of making that phone call – making it the most preferred method of communication over a featurephone or smartphone. The average UK phone user is said to send around 50 text messages each week, and if you were to total that up, 150 billion text messages were sent […]

Cell phone nesting dolls that do not hail from Russia
Are you one who is interested in nesting dolls – where you can never quite tell just when that might be the last doll that you have uncovered. Designer Kyle Bean has certainly come up with an interesting aspect of the nesting dolls concept – that is, by tracing changes in mobile design and placing newer and more recent phones inside, Kyle started off with the 1983 DynaTAC to the […]

Britain’s Got Talent app lets you cast your vote
Last Friday marked the first time audience members are able to cast their vote for the Britain’s Got Talent show thanks to a special app that was developed for Apple’s iOS platform. Basically, anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can access the in-app voting tool simply by updating their current version of the app. So far, the app has seen over half a million downloads. Right now, […]

DoCoMo's cloud-based translator phone
The cloud is the new place to be, and DoCoMo knows that fact, where they have just introduced a new cloud-based translator phone. That certainly sounds like a dream, especially when you want to speak to another person who does not speak the same lingo as you. All you need to do is speak into your phone, while the person on the other line will hear the message interpreted as […]

SpareOne phone runs on just one AA battery
[CES 2012] You know these modern day smartphones? Sure, they might be able to feature boatloads of bells and whistles that lack just the kitchen sink, but their battery life is rare enough to push beyond one day’s usage with all the options turned on. The SpareOne phone, on the other hand, takes a far more prudent approach by being the only phone in the world that is powered by […]

HzO nanotechnology keeps your phone safe from water
Smartphones today are pretty much capable of doing everything we need them to do, but there’s still one problem that most of them face: water damage. Electronics and water don’t mix and unless you’ve got one of those waterproof devices, the statement usually holds true. However, such problems might not be an issue in the future, as the folks over at HzO have managed to come up with a solution.

Verzo Kinzo hits store shelves at last
Android-powered devices are dime a dozen, and they are churned out like nobody’s business, I might add. Well, Verzo, definitely one of the lesser known smartphone companies out there, have just announced that their Kinzo handset is ready to rock and roll. I admit, the design is nothing out of the ordinary, and since it measures 12.3mm in terms of thickness, this is definitely not going to be the sexiest […]

Nokia HumanForm phone is one beautiful phone [Concept]
Remember the flexible Nokia concept phone that was shown off at Nokia World earlier this year? Well, it looks like that wasn’t the only bendy phone that Nokia had in mind. The creative folks over at the Nokia Research Lab have something even more ambitious than the bendy device but unfortunately it’s still just a concept phone without a working prototype.

PocketTouch lets users control their phones through fabric
Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of something important and your phone rings – especially when you forget to put it on silent? Taking the phone out of your pocket just makes everybody stare at you as you fumble to silence the call and turn the phone off. Well, all that can be a problem of the past if Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University’s latest creation […]