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Cell phone nesting dolls that do not hail from Russia
Are you one who is interested in nesting dolls – where you can never quite tell just when that might be the last doll that you have uncovered. Designer Kyle Bean has certainly come up with an interesting aspect of the nesting dolls concept – that is, by tracing changes in mobile design and placing newer and more recent phones inside, Kyle started off with the 1983 DynaTAC to the […]

Britain’s Got Talent app lets you cast your vote
Last Friday marked the first time audience members are able to cast their vote for the Britain’s Got Talent show thanks to a special app that was developed for Apple’s iOS platform. Basically, anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can access the in-app voting tool simply by updating their current version of the app. So far, the app has seen over half a million downloads. Right now, […]

DoCoMo's cloud-based translator phone
The cloud is the new place to be, and DoCoMo knows that fact, where they have just introduced a new cloud-based translator phone. That certainly sounds like a dream, especially when you want to speak to another person who does not speak the same lingo as you. All you need to do is speak into your phone, while the person on the other line will hear the message interpreted as […]

SpareOne phone runs on just one AA battery
[CES 2012] You know these modern day smartphones? Sure, they might be able to feature boatloads of bells and whistles that lack just the kitchen sink, but their battery life is rare enough to push beyond one day’s usage with all the options turned on. The SpareOne phone, on the other hand, takes a far more prudent approach by being the only phone in the world that is powered by […]


HzO nanotechnology keeps your phone safe from water
Smartphones today are pretty much capable of doing everything we need them to do, but there’s still one problem that most of them face: water damage. Electronics and water don’t mix and unless you’ve got one of those waterproof devices, the statement usually holds true. However, such problems might not be an issue in the future, as the folks over at HzO have managed to come up with a solution.

Verzo Kinzo hits store shelves at last
Android-powered devices are dime a dozen, and they are churned out like nobody’s business, I might add. Well, Verzo, definitely one of the lesser known smartphone companies out there, have just announced that their Kinzo handset is ready to rock and roll. I admit, the design is nothing out of the ordinary, and since it measures 12.3mm in terms of thickness, this is definitely not going to be the sexiest […]

Nokia HumanForm phone is one beautiful phone [Concept]
Remember the flexible Nokia concept phone that was shown off at Nokia World earlier this year? Well, it looks like that wasn’t the only bendy phone that Nokia had in mind. The creative folks over at the Nokia Research Lab have something even more ambitious than the bendy device but unfortunately it’s still just a concept phone without a working prototype.

PocketTouch lets users control their phones through fabric
Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of something important and your phone rings – especially when you forget to put it on silent? Taking the phone out of your pocket just makes everybody stare at you as you fumble to silence the call and turn the phone off. Well, all that can be a problem of the past if Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University’s latest creation […]

OmniTouch turns any surface into a touchscreen phone
The idea of having an invisible phone has always been the fantasy of people everywhere, but it’s not exactly the most practical of “gadgets”. We’ve had stuff like the Kinect-iPhone and now, some researchers over at the Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute and Microsoft have come up with something called the OmniTouch.

Man arrested for refusing to turn off phone in plane
Ever since 9/11 reshaped the way aviation security was conducted, there has been many, many more restrictions, making air travel a whole lot more troublesome than before. You now cannot carry liquids more than 100ml, you’ll have to ditch that water bottle of yours before checking in, remove your shoes and belt, and heck, in some cases, go through a full body scanner to get all your inner bits looked […]

invoxia NVX 610 desktop phone
Your regular landline phone might need a design revamp after looking the same for a couple of decades already, and invoxia has taken up this particular task with their next generation desktop phone known as the invoxia NVX 610. What makes this particular phone so special? For starters, it will be able to play nice with some iOS-powered devices that serve as its control interface, while boasting an ultra-innovative acoustic […]

Xiaomi phone disassembled
The iPhone has certainly come up with some pretty cool designs over the years in all of its iterations, and the latest is no different, with a rumored September or October release date for the iPhone 5. Well, clones have come and gone, and the iPhone has proved to be quite the role model for cloning. The Xiaomi phone is a true blue Chinese effort, where it packs in a […]

GadgetTrak helps authorities track stolen phones
It looks like thieves need to be a little more careful the next time they decide to steal a smartphone. The folks over at GadgetTrak, the creators of the smartphone tracking software, have reported that their software is currently leading authorities to a thief suspected of stealing a smartphone from a Sprint store.

Mall Maps arrives on Bing for Mobile
Hate getting lost at the mall looking for a certain store or restaurant? Instead of having to traverse all the way to the concierge at ground floor to ask for a map, why not pull out your smartphone instead? Thanks to the folks over at Microsoft, finding out where you need to go in a mall is just a website away because they have launched mall maps for Bing Mobile. […]

Huawei Vision Android phone launched
Huawei has just announced the launch of a new smartphone to its high-end Android lineup. Called the Huawei Vision, this Android-powered device will come with some pretty decent specs to match its sleek curves. The Huawei Vision will run on a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8255 processor, pack a 3.7″ display, a 5-megapixel auto focus rear camera with LED flash and 720p HD video recording, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of […]

Yougetitback Mobile Superhero protects data on lost and stolen phones
As of now there are countless numbers of apps that help users deal with the problem of lost or stolen phones. It’s time to add one more to the list with an offering from Ireland called Mobile Superhero from Yougetitback. Available as a premium service for $28 (19.99 EUR) a year or $2.8 (1.99 EUR) a month, Yougetitback Mobile Superhero is designed to keep all data on your phone out […]

Ear MIKI concept earphones don't tangle
If you prefer corded earphones instead of Bluetooth headsets when it comes to hands-free kits for your phones, you probably know what it’s like to get your earphones tangled up with your keys and other objects in your pocket or bag. To deal with this problem, we’ve come up with solutions like wrapping the cords of the headset around something, or placing it in a separate bag – but it’s […]

Smartphones will soon be able to smell
While smartphones can pretty much do anything right now, there’s one thing it can’t do: smell. But according to some researchers, that may end pretty soon. Luc Van den hove, president of nanoelectronics research firm IMEC recently stated that we’ve reached a point where we can now build smell sensors small enough to be implemented into smartphones.Now why would anybody want smell sensors in our phones? Well, these smell-capable phones […]

Google Voice now supports Global Spam Filtering
Tired of receiving unwanted calls on your Google Voice number? Well, the folks over at Google have come up with a way to stop that from happening. Google has just updated the Google Voice service to support Global Spam Filtering. Whenever you get a call from a telemarketer or a random number who keeps asking for the wrong person, stopping them from ever calling again is just as easy as […]

InfoSonics verykool i610 handset not so cool after all
The verykool i610 handset from InfoSonics might sound as though it is the next big thing, but unfortunately from the specifications that we’re about to announce, it isn’t that cool after all. This is a 2G feature phone at best, sporting a QWERTY keyboard in an upgrade to the i600. The 2.2″ TFT LCD display is almost archaic, and a 1.3-megapixel CMOS camera makes us feel as though the i610 […]