Elektra One

In the future, our airplanes might not need gas to fly anymore. For NASA’s CAFE Green Flight Challenge, PC-Aero recently came up with a prototype plane, the Elektra One; that runs completely on electricity. Powered by batteries, the single seater aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight, climbing 500 meters in the air and landed without a hitch. Then just last week, the plane took to the skies again, this time staying airborne for half an hour. Its specs include a rechargeable battery that lets it fly for more than 3 at a cruise speed of 160kph. PC-Aero plans to commercialize their technology used to create this efficient, green plane, and if all goes well, we might be seeing a lot more electricity-powered plans in the future. Watch a video of the plane in action after the break, and take note of how quiet it is. Staying next to an airport in the future isn’t going to be headache inducing anymore.

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