The ordinary whiteboard or chalk based blackboard looks set to be on the road to extinction, although it would be an extremely slow and gradual process. After all, digital displays are starting to gain traction at organizations and educational institutions, and this 65″ Interactive Plasma Display is no different. Hailing from the halls of Panasonic, it enables four different people to write simultaneously in different colors without missing a beat. Panasonic says, “With models from other companies, errors occur if your sleeve touches the screen. But this model works by using pens alone, so you don’t get errors. Young children write by placing their left hands on the screen. But the left hand doesn’t act as a sensor, so they can write using pens.”

The Digital Pen System was specially developed for this particular Interactive Plasma Display, where it will have pixels that light up at high speed. In order to do so, the system will need to be able to detect and display the pen’s position at up to 60 times a second, with each pixel working out its place in a full high-definition (HD) picture. It is useful for discussions at school or higher educational institutions, or at a boardroom meeting with a business presentation in tow.

July will see the 65″ model being made available, while 85″ and 103″ versions are also in the pipeline. No idea on how much they will cost, but cheap is definitely not the word we are looking at.

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