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PlayStation Plus Price Increased By Sony
PlayStation Plus subscribers take note: Sony has announced that it’s increasing the price of this subscription program that enables online play as well as provides a handful of free titles every month. This is actually the first time that PlayStation Plus price is being increased in the United States and Canada ever since the service was launched back in 2010.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For August 2016 Confirmed
Sony has just announced the lineup of free games that will be available for PlayStation Plus members in the coming months. It says that this month, it’s looking to satisfy the inner space pirate of PlayStation Plus members. The PlayStation Plus free games for August 2016 include some interesting titles that are bound to be a lot of fun to play.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For June 2016 Confirmed
Sony has confirmed today which games will be available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of June. It’s has added two “excellent” PlayStation 4 games to the lineup for next month. Since the PS Plus program extends to other Sony consoles as well, subscribers who own a PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation Vita get free titles as part of their PS Plus subscription too.

PS Plus Free Games For May 2016 Confirmed
Sony has confirmed the free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers are going to get in the month of May. We always get the lineup in the last week of the month, PS Plus subscribers can then make up their minds if they want to download any of the titles being offered for free with their monthly subscription.


PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2016 Revealed
Sony has taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal the PlayStation Plus free games for April 2016. Not only does the subscription service enable online play but it also provides a handful of titles for free every month to subscribers. April’s lineup for PS Plus members includes two titles for PlayStation 4, two each for PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation 4 Multiplayer Is Free This Weekend
If you happen to own a PlayStation 4 and don’t have a subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is required if you want to play games online, then it’s certainly going to be a very good weekend for you. Sony is back with another free multiplayer weekend. All PlayStation 4 owners can play their favorite games online this weekend for absolutely no charge.

PS Plus Free Games For February 2016 Confirmed
The added incentive to a PlayStation Plus membership is that every month members get a couple of titles that they can download for free. The list is usually confirmed a week or so before the next month arrive so Sony is right on cue today as it has confirmed the PlayStation Plus free games for February 2016. There are six titles in total, so there’s something for everybody, regardless of whether […]

PS Plus Free Games For December 2015
Towards the end of every month Sony reveals the titles which will be offered for free to all PlayStation Plus members in the coming month. That’s one of the incentives PS Plus subscribers get, aside from the ability to play online. We’re only a few days away from December and today Sony has confirmed the PS Plus free games for December 2015.

PS Plus Free Games For September 2015 Confirmed
Towards the end of every month Sony details all of the titles that PlayStation Plus members will get to play for free in the next month, the company today confirmed PS Plus free games for September 2015. This is also the first time that titles have been included from the Vote to Play campaign which allowed PS Plus members to vote on titles that they would like to see in next […]

PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Will See Price Hikes
Usually companies tend to price annual subscriptions cheaper than if you were to go month by month. This is because annual subscriptions means that you’re committed to the long haul. Now if you have been a month-to-month subscriber of Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, you might want to know that the service will be getting a price hike.However it should be noted that this price hike only affects gamers living in […]

PlayStation Plus Members Get To Vote On Free Game Choices Soon
One big advantage of subscribing to PlayStation Plus is that every month members are provided free access to multiple titles for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Even though Sony has been providing these titles for months PS Plus members have no way to get their say in what games go free, this is going to change soon, as they’ll be allowed to vote which games will be included in […]

PS Plus Free Games For August Bring Some Good Choices
One advantage of subscribing to PlayStation Plus is that you’re given the ability to download multiple titles for free every month, they might be old or indie titles but at least you get more bang for your buck, aside from the fact that a PS Plus subscription is required to play online. The PS Plus free games for August have been announced today and the coming month’s lineup brings some good […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games For July 2015 Revealed
Every month Sony provides PlayStation Plus members with several new titles as a value added service to their subscription, and it’s the same story in July 2015. The company has finally revealed the PlayStation Plus free games for July 2015, there are six titles on offer with four titles just for the PlayStation 4 alone. This time around it’s more of an indie title affair for PS Plus subscribers, don’t expect […]

Driveclub PS Plus Edition Release Date Confirmed
Yesterday when the product page for Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition went online on the PlayStation Store many thought that this edition of the title had finally been released after countless delays and a state of limbo. However the page was swiftly taken offline and developer Evolution Studios said that it had gone online prematurely, while promising that it will have news to share shortly. Now the Driveclub PS Plus Edition […]