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Sony PlayStation VR Price Cut
Hot on the heels of a permanent $200 price cut by HTC for its Vive virtual reality headset, Sony is also cutting the PlayStation VR price. The company has dropped the price of its two PlayStation VR bundles. It’s now selling the $399 core PlayStation VR set which only included the headset previously with the PlayStation Camera. The camera itself costs $59. It’s now a part of the core bundle.

Leak Suggests That Fallout 4 VR Could Be Coming To PlayStation VR
At E3 last month, Bethesda took the wraps off Fallout 4 VR. This is basically the same Fallout 4 that gamers have come to know and love, but the difference is that now players will be able to play the game in virtual reality (VR), offering up a different perspective and experience than what the original game had.

Bethesda Will Be Bringing ‘Skyrim’ To The PlayStation VR
While Bethesda’s Skyrim might not necessarily be the latest RPG available at the moment, it seems that the developer is milking the heck out of it. The company not only announced a remaster of the game in the form of Skyrim Special Edition, but they’ll also be bringing it onto the Nintendo Switch with brand new controls.

U.S. Was The Top VR Market In Q1 2017
According to a new report by market research firm Canalys, the United States was the top virtual reality market in the world this past quarter. The report shows that 40 percent of all virtual reality headsets shipped globally were shipped in the United States. This goes to show that the United States is a world leader in the adoption of virtual reality technologies.


PSVR Aim Controller Release Expected In May
The Sony PlayStation VR’s Aim Controller was initially supposed to be released around the holiday season with the Farpoint FPS game but that didn’t happen. PSVR owners have not been able to get their hands on the controller and the game because both have been delayed. However, they might be able to pick one up over the next couple of months. Farpoint developer Impulse Gear has said that the PSVR […]

Almost One Million PlayStation VR Units Sold Since Launch
According to a new report, when Sony launched the PlayStation VR, it set an internal goal to push one million units of the virtual reality headset within six months of launch. It appears that the company has come close to achieving that goal with time to spare. The report reveals that Sony has sold 915,000 PlayStation VR units to consumers ever since it was released in October last year.

Sony Has A PlayStation VR Music Video You Can Walk Around In
Virtual reality music videos aren’t exactly new. Ever since support for 360-degree video was added to YouTube, we’ve seen several artists and bands take advantage of the technology to create VR music videos. However if there is one thing that a lot of these music videos are lacking, it is that your location is fixed.

Sony Brings Back The PlayStation VR Bundle
If you own the PS4 and would like to get into VR gaming, you’ll be pleased to learn that Sony has announced that its PlayStation VR bundle has returned. Basically this bundle will contain all the necessary hardware that you will need to get started playing VR games on your PS4, so if you don’t own any of the listed accessories this could be a good purchase.

Nearly 10% Of Resident Evil 7 Gamers Play On The PlayStation VR
One of the unique features of Capcom’s latest Resident Evil 7 title is that it comes with support for Sony’s PlayStation VR. The support for virtual reality was revealed during the game’s announcement and it felt like this was something Capcom was meaning to do as opposed to it being an afterthought.

Resident Evil 7 Has Been Released
The Resident Evil franchise is a long and storied one and has generated quite a number of titles as well as movies. The latest incarnation of the game comes in the form of Resident Evil 7 and the good news is that just as promised, the game has been officially released so gamers who have been looking forward to it can get their hands on it now.

PlayStation VR Now Supports 360-Degree YouTube Videos
360-degree videos on YouTube aren’t new. They’ve been around for awhile now but the good news is that if you wanted to be able to enjoy it on your PlayStation VR, you can now do so. This is according to an announcement on the PlayStation Blog in which Sony announced the support of the feature.

'Amazing' PS4 Games Coming Next Year, Says Sony Executive
If you think that Sony has been a bit too focused on hardware in 2016 then you’d be right. 2016 brought us the PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro, and company’s first virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR. That’s not to say that it didn’t do anything on the software front but hardware was the clear priority. With new products out of the way, Sony is changing gears and telling […]

PlayStation VR YouTube Support Arrives
Sony’s PlayStation VR headset now has support for virtual reality videos on the world’s largest online video platform, YouTube. Version 1.09 of the YouTube app for PlayStation 4 adds support for Sony’s virtual reality headset. What this simply means is that PlayStation 4 owners who own a PlayStation VR headset can now use it to watch virtual reality videos available on YouTube.

Ace Combat 7 Will Have PlayStation VR Support
Virtual reality is cool because it essentially puts you into the environment itself, as opposed to looking at it through a display (we suppose technically it is still a display, but the immersion factor is what makes the difference). Now if you’ve ever wanted to be a pilot, then this piece of news regarding Ace Combat 7 will no doubt be music to your ears.