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Russian YouTuber Found Guilty For Playing Pokemon GO In Church
There’s a time and a place to play video games, and in general it is typically frowned upon to play games inside a place of worship. However while it is frowned upon, it isn’t necessarily illegal, or at least that’s the case for most parts in the world. Unfortunately over in Russia, it’s a different story.

Russian YouTuber Faces Jail Time For Playing Pokemon GO In Church
There’s a time and place for everything, like when to use your phone and when not to use it. Now using your phone while in a place of worship is usually frowned upon simply because it looks rude and it can be distracting for those who are there to pray or to listen to a sermon. However it seems that over in Russia, it could land you in jail.

Study Finds Pokemon GO Players Tend To Be Friendly And Positive
Competitive gaming can sometimes bring out an ugly side in people that you might not have noticed was there before. This is an issue with many games, which is why games like League of Legends and DotA 2 have tools in place to report such players, and why some games such as Hearthstone do not even allow gamers to chat with each other.

Co-Op Multiplayer Will Be Coming To Pokemon GO This Spring
While Niantic has done a decent job at keeping Pokemon GO updated with new features and events, there are still quite a few features missing from the game that players are probably most excited about, such as being able to trade with each other, do battles with other players, and of course the legendary/rare Pokemons.


Pokemon Go Daily Active Users Drop By 23 Million
Pokemon Go was all the rage when it came out almost a year back. People were going crazy for this game and some were doing crazy things just to capture the virtual monsters. Many liked the fact that the game encouraged people to get up and get out to capture the monsters, at least they got some physical exercise as a result of it. However, it doesn’t appear to be […]

Pokemon GO Help Reduce Famous Suicide Spot Deaths To Zero
Niantic’s Pokemon GO game has been somewhat of a cultural, social, and tech phenomenon. It not only highlighted the potential of augmented reality technology and how it could be used for gaming and commercialization, but it also had a social impact where it actually encouraged gamers to go out and exercise. It has also been found to be beneficial for mental health.

Legendary Pokemon Coming To Pokemon GO By End Of 2017
Recently the folks at Niantic added a bunch of new Pokemon to Pokemon GO which we guess was kind of a welcome move. However what is still missing from the game is legendary Pokemon, something that we’re sure that collectors are very interested in. The good news is that legendary Pokemon will be coming to the game.

Pokemon Go Player Catches Extremely Rare Pokemon, Dies From Heart Attack
While Pokemon Go made a lot of people very happy and gave them an incentive to get up on their feet and out of the house, it has more than its fair share of tragic stories as well. People have done seriously risky things to capture Pokemon in this game and according to a latest report out of Singapore, the mere happiness after catching a rare Pokemon could be fatal […]

Pokemon GO Has Surpassed 650 Million Downloads
Niantic’s Pokemon GO has been something of a cultural and technological hit. It introduced people to Pokemon who never played any of the games before, and it also showed how augmented reality could be used in gaming. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the game has managed to pass 650 million in terms of downloads.

Pokemon GO’s Update Sees An Uptick In Players
Recently the folks at Niantic issued an update for Pokemon GO in which it adds 80 new Pokemon. Turns out that this was a much welcome move by players because according to Sensor Tower, the app has managed to climb its way back up the app charts again where prior to this, it was sitting at the lower half of the top 10.

Pokemon GO Update Adds 80 New Pokemon To The Game
Yesterday we reported that Niantic had announced that there would be an upcoming update to the game that would add 80 new Pokemon to Pokemon GO. If you were wondering when you might be able to expect this update, you’ll be pleased to learn that Niantic has announced that the update is now ready for download.

Upcoming Pokemon GO Update Will Add 80 New Pokemon
Are you getting tired of seeing the same Pokemon appear when you’re playing Pokemon GO? We suppose at the start it was kind of exciting to see Pokemon in “real-life”, but given how many months it has been since the game was released, we’re sure that many gamers are looking forward to more new features.

PvP And Trading Will Be Coming Soon To Pokemon GO
It’s safe to say that one of the most requested features of Pokemon GO is the ability to trade Pokemon with your friends as well as battle against other players. Right now the only battling that players get to do is when they challenge gyms, which is admittedly not the same thing, but the good news is that the wait could soon be coming to an end.

Pokemon GO Now Needs A Permit In Milwaukee
When Pokemon GO was in its early stages of launch, the hype was beyond anything anyone could have imagined. It created massive crowds and also mad dashes whenever a rare Pokemon was discovered. While the game was great for AR technology, there have been negative side-effects as well.