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Pokemon GO Now Needs A Permit In Milwaukee
When Pokemon GO was in its early stages of launch, the hype was beyond anything anyone could have imagined. It created massive crowds and also mad dashes whenever a rare Pokemon was discovered. While the game was great for AR technology, there have been negative side-effects as well.

Pokemon GO Has Now Crossed $1 Billion In Revenue
Back when Pokemon GO was first launched and the craze of the game was at its peak, analysts offered up their predictions in which they claimed that Pokemon GO had the potential to make as much as $1 billion in revenue a year. It looks like they could be right because according to a report from Sensor Tower, that’s exactly what happened.

Latest Pokemon GO Update For Android Lets You Play Background Music
There are some gamers who enjoy listening to a game’s soundtrack while playing the game because they believe that this helps with the overall experience. Then there are some gamers who prefer playing their own music because maybe it helps put them in the mood or helps them focus for certain events like competitions, raids, etc.

New Pokemon GO Accessory Could Be In The Works
The popularity of the Pokemon franchise is so strong that when Pokemon GO was released and gave players the ability to catch Pokemon in “real life”, it saw the public go crazy for it. So much so that players were playing the game while driving  resulting in a few accidents. The good news is that The Pokemon Company might have a way to prevent that.


Pokemon Go Finally Released In South Korea
Much of the world has already played and got over Pokemon Go which became an instant hit after it was launched last year. However, developer Niantic wasn’t able to release it in all countries across the globe as it faced some tough regulations in a handful of countries. South Korea, for example, puts restrictions on Google Maps and that was believed to be the reason why Pokemon Go wasn’t launched […]

Pokemon GO Reportedly Earned $950 Million In 2016
When Pokemon GO was first released and the demand for the app proved to be higher than what many had expected, analysts were quick to jump in and offer their predictions. According to these analysts, Pokemon GO had the potential to earn $1 billion a year from in-app revenue, which safe to say is a lot.

China Bans Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go quickly became popular across the globe when it was launched last year. Tens of millions of people across the globe play the game every single day. They venture out in the world to try and capture Pokemon, so it’s not only fun but also encourages exercise. However, Niantic, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo are not going to be able to take advantage of the huge Chinese market because […]

Niantic Announces Limited-Time Holiday Item Packs For Pokemon GO
If you’ve been resisting the urge to make in-app purchases in Pokemon GO, it seems that Niantic wants to tempt you by making a surprise announcement in which they will be adding limited-time holiday item packs to the Pokemon GO in-game shop. These holiday item packs will be discounted and only available from the 25th of December until the 30th of December.

Pokemon GO Gets In-Game Events To Celebrate The Holidays
If you’re looking for more things to do in Pokemon GO to help maintain your interest in the game, you’ll be pleased to learn that Niantic has announced a couple of in-game events that will tie-in with the holiday season and also to help incentivize gamers to keep on playing the game and going out to catch Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Is Available On The Apple Watch
After dispelling the rumors that Pokemon GO for the Apple had been cancelled, and after hooks for the Apple Watch app had been discovered in a recent Android APK, it looks like the wait is finally over as Niantic has announced that Pokemon GO for the Apple Watch is finally available for download.

Pokemon GO’s Play Statistics Are Mind-Boggling
Niantic’s Pokemon GO was initially released on the 6th of July where it saw a limited launch before eventually expanding to pretty much the entire world. It has been something of both a cultural and technological hit in the sense that it showed developers and consumers the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) based gaming.

Pokemon GO Code Reveals Hooks For Apple Watch App
Over the weekend there were rumors that the Apple Watch version of Pokemon GO had been cancelled. Niantic has since debunked the rumors by reassuring gamers that the game was still in development for the Apple Watch. In fact recently it has been discovered by folks at The Silph Road that the latest Pokemon GO APK for Android reveals hints at the Apple Watch app.

Pokemon GO For Apple Watch Still In Development
The idea of playing Pokemon GO on your smartwatch makes sense. In fact for the most part it actually makes more sense than using the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. In fact last we heard, development for smartwatches was in the works, and recently the folks at Niantic wanted to remind gamers that their plans are still on track.

Pokemon Go Release In India Takes Place Tomorrow
Pokemon Go was released in select markets earlier this year and it became an instant hit. The game has become a global phenomenon and continues to thrive even though the initial hype has died down. Updates for the game are in the pipeline and developer Niantic continues to expand it to more markets. It has confirmed that the Pokemon Go release in India is finally going to take place tomorrow.