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Pokemon GO Reportedly Pulled In $600 Million In Revenue In 90 Days
Niantic’s Pokemon GO is definitely not experiencing the same level of hype or enthusiasm today that we saw when it first launched. However it seems that the app is still holding on strongly because according to the numbers from analytics firm App Annie, it has been revealed that in the past 3 months, the app has pulled in a whopping $600 million in revenue.

Pokemon GO Update Prevents Players From Playing While Driving
When Pokemon GO was first released, there was a ton of excitement surrounding the game which we guess is understandable. However some players were too excited to the point where they actually got into accidents while playing the game while driving. Niantic tried to fix this by issuing warning messages, but it looks like the company has since stepped things up.

Upcoming Pokemon GO Update Will Make Catching Rare Pokemon Easier
Is it a frustrating experience when it comes to catching rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Is that where the majority of your Pokeballs are wasted on? We guess to be fair if they were easy then there wouldn’t be that satisfaction, right? However at a certain point, being too hard just makes it annoying rather than challenging.

Pokemon GO Still Pulling In $2M A Day Despite Decline In Popularity
According to the stats from back in September, it was found that Pokemon GO’s paying customers are on the decline. For a company that relies pretty much solely on in-app purchases, obviously this is not good news for them. However it seems that despite the decline, its developers are still pulling in some serious revenue.


Pokemon GO’s Launch Traffic Was 50x More Than Expected
When Niantic first launched Pokemon GO, they experienced so much traffic that they had to shut the servers down and hold off on launching from other countries until they could resolve the issue. However it was only recently that it came to light just how much traffic the game got at its launch, and from that we can see why Niantic did what they did.

Pokemon GO Causes Chaos In Tokyo, Police Had To Be Called In
Pokemon GO when first launched caused quite a bit of chaos due to its novelty. Players were walking around everywhere trying to catch all the Pokemon, and in some cases local police were forced to issue warnings on social media to tell the public to be careful when they are out and about playing the game.

Pokemon GO Is No Longer The Top Grossing iPhone App In The US
When Pokemon GO first launched, it quickly rose to become the top grossing iPhone app in the US. In fact it maintained its number one spot for 74 days in a row, but unfortunately its reign has come to an end. According to a report from Sensor Tower, Pokemon GO is no longer the top grossing app, and has been overthrown by Supercell’s Clash Royale.

Pokemon Games For Nintendo NX Confirmed
Pokemon Go and Nintendo go way back so it goes without saying that their partnership is going to continue into the future as well. CEO of The Pokemon Company has confirmed that they will be developing Pokemon games for Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console that’s yet to be officially unveiled. The Pokemon Company happens to be an affiliate of Nintendo which deals with licensing of Pokemon characters.

Pokemon GO Player Battles Doesn’t Have A Release Date Yet
When Pokemon GO was first launched, its popularity was out of this world, but fast forward a few months, and it seems that close to 80% of the game’s paying customers are no longer making purchases in the game, suggesting that the hype surrounding Pokemon GO is also on the decline, which we guess is normal.

Pokemon GO Helps Boost Nintendo 3DS Hardware Sales
Pokemon GO is a huge hit and while we are hearing that the game is somewhat on the decline, there is no denying the cultural impact it has had on society. There is also no denying how it changed the gaming landscape where augmented reality gaming suddenly looked very viable. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it also appears there is no denying how this has impacted […]

Niantic Confirms Pokemon GO Will Eventually Arrive On Android Wear
During Apple’s press event last week, Niantic came on stage to announce that Pokemon GO would be arriving on the Apple Watch. It was not specified at that time, but it almost looked like it could have been an Apple Watch exclusive, at least until some data mining revealed that support for Android Wear could be in the works.

Pokemon GO’s Paying Customers Are On The Decline
Back in July and shortly after the game’s release, it was suggested that maybe Pokemon GO had peaked in the market. This was followed by a report in August which suggested that the number of daily active players of the game was on a decline, but given the game’s meteoric rise, we attributed the decline to more of a normalization of the player base.

It Looks Like Pokemon GO Could Arrive On Android Wear
During Apple’s iPhone announcement last week, they also took the time to unveil new Apple Watch models, and at the same time it was also announced that Pokemon GO would be arriving on watchOS and subsequently the Apple Watch. This is rather exciting news for Pokemon GO gamers, but where is the Android Wear love?

Pokemon GO Update Prevents Jailbroken/Rooted Devices From Playing
If you own a jailbroken iOS device or a rooted Android handset, you might be interested to learn that Niantic has decided that they won’t allow jailbroken or rooted handsets to play Pokemon GO. In the latest update to the app, Niantic has announced their decision in an effort to try and eliminate bots and cheaters from the game.