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100 Pokemon Update For Pokemon Go Arriving On December 12
The other day we reported that there was a huge update coming to Pokemon GO in the form of 100 Pokemon being added to the game. It was rumored that it would arrive this week, but as it turns out this week’s update is more about how Starbucks locations across the US are now considered PokeStops and Gyms.

Starbucks In The US Are Now PokeStops And Gyms
A couple of days ago, a leaked Starbucks memo seemed to hint that the coffee chain company and Niantic were planning something big, and sure enough those plans have since been revealed. It was initially thought that this could be the highly awaited 100 Pokemon update, but it turns out that it isn’t.

Sprint Announces Pokemon Go Partnership
Sprint today announced that it has become the first U.S. partner of Pokemon Go. This wireless partnership is going to integrated Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Sprint at RadioShack locations across the country as Gyms and PokeStops. This special Pokemon Go experience in will be offered in more than 10,500 Sprint locations combined across the United States.

100 Pokemon Update Could Be Coming To Pokemon GO This Week
According to a report from last week, datamining efforts have revealed that Niantic has an update planned for Pokemon GO that will see the release of 100 new Pokemon from the Pokemon Gold/Silver version of the franchise. It was also rumored that the update would arrive in December.


100 New Pokemon Expected To Arrive For Pokemon GO Next Month
Have you caught every Pokemon available in Pokemon GO? We wouldn’t be surprised if many gamers have (not including the ones that are exclusive to certain countries), and if you are looking forward to more Pokemon, you’re in for a treat because according to PokeVS (via VentureBeat), there will 100 Pokemon added to the game in next month’s update.

Get Double XP In Pokemon Go Until The End Of November
Niantic released Pokemon Go earlier this year and it became an immediate hit for the company. The mobile game has earned tens of millions of dollars for the company and still remains popular even though some have speculated that the hype has subsided. To celebrate the incredible success that Pokemon Go has seen in just a few months since it was released, Niantic today announced that players can get double […]

Pokemon Go Generation 2 Release Date Possibly Leaked
Niantic launched Pokemon Go earlier this year and it instantly became a worldwide success. The game has earned tens of millions of dollars for the company since it was released and it’s safe to say that Pokemon Go has been a success. Niantic certainly won’t be resting on its laurels and we can expect it to continue development on this game. If a new claim is believed, the Pokemon Go […]

Niantic Wants Pokemon GO To Last As Long As World Of Warcraft
When it comes to MMORPGs, they are a dime a dozen. When it comes to MMORPGs that are successful and still have staying power, then that number dwindles down to just a handful. One of those titles that comes to mind is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft which has been in existence for about a decade or so already.

Second-Gen Pokemon Could Be Added To Pokemon GO Soon
There are many reasons why Pokemon GO is definitely not experiencing the same hype and excitement as it was back when it first launched. This is because while Niantic has been adding new features, there hasn’t really been anything new that makes players want to return to the game.

Pokemon GO To Get Daily Bonus Feature In Upcoming Update
It is no secret that Pokemon GO is no longer as popular as it once was. Many players have cited the lack of new features and lack of progression as one of the reasons why they stopped playing the game. It also explains why the game’s paying customer base is on the decline, but that’s something Niantic hopes to change.

9-Year Old Boy Killed By Truck Driver Who Was Playing Pokemon GO
When Pokemon GO was released, people went crazy over the game which led to players playing the game rather dangerously, such as while driving, which in turn caused some accidents. However thankfully the people involved in such accidents have managed to walk away with slight injuries, but it looks like we could have a fatality on our hands.

Nintendo Apologizes For Pokemon GO Plus Shortages
So while Nintendo might not have anything to do with the development and maintenance of Pokemon GO, they are responsible for a part of the game, and that is with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory that was released in September. However it seems that the device proved to be so popular that the company is having a hard time keeping up with demand.

Nintendo Made Over $100 Million From Pokemon GO
When Pokemon GO was released, many assumed Nintendo’s involvement since the company and Pokemon have been closely linked with each other for many years now. The game helped boost the sales of the Nintendo 3DS and also saw the company’s shares rise by as much as 86%.

Pokemon GO Gets A Halloween-Themed Update
Halloween is coming up which means that not only can we expect restaurants and cafes to start getting into the swing of things, but we can also expect websites and also apps to start getting more Halloween-y. For Pokemon GO gamers, if you haven’t already noticed, the folks at Niantic have given the app a Halloween-themed update.