Photo credit: Sylvette David / Google Maps

Photo credit: Sylvette David / Google Maps

In the small town of Annonay, France (~16000 people), a 60-years old woman was reported as missing to the Police by her husband. Unfortunately, Policemen were not able to find her after searching for a better part of the day.

Fortunately, a group of 6 Pokemon players found her stuck into tree branches, in an apparent state of drunkenness.

She got lucky that some Pokemons were (virtually) around because the group of players alerted the Police at around 9h30pm. If not for them, she could have spent the night outside, and there’s no telling if she would have been able to get herself out, even after sobering up. “Those Pokemon Go players have helped us greatly,” said a police commander, according to LeDauphine.

This is just one of the many weird stories related to Pokemon Go, going from scientists claiming that the game is messing with our brains, to countries calling the game “evil”, or towns closing down public spaces so players could be safe and even people shot while playing.

Pokemon Go is attracting a lot of attention for its potential to bring people to specific locations (not everyone is happy about it)  – this is worth real money. By the way, Pokemon Go is said to generate $10M a day. [photo credit: Sylvette David]

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