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Pokemon Go Fastest Mobile Game To Hit Revenues Of $500 Million
It was recently reported that Pokemon Go had brought over $400 million dollars in the couple of months that it has been out. The game has been setting records ever since the day it was released. It was the most downloaded app ever during its first week and was the fastest app to reach 50 million installs on the Google Play Store. Pokemon Go is now estimated to be the […]

Pokemon GO Plus Accessory Launching September 16
Back in July, many Pokemon GO players were probably eagerly anticipating the release of the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, but unfortunately it was delayed to September. According to Nintendo, they explained the reason for the delay, claiming that both them and Niantic were working to ensure a quality launch.

Russian YouTuber Could Go To Jail For Playing Pokemon Go
There’s no denying the fact that Pokemon Go is a popular game. It has been a few years since a mobile game became this popular and unfortunately, it has made people do some really stupid things as well. You may or may not consider playing Pokemon Go in a church to be stupid, but Russia believes it warrants the need for a prison sentence of as much as five years. […]

Sony To 'Aggressively' Push Into Mobile Gaming
Pokemon Go has demonstrated to the world that just how popular a properly executed mobile game based on a franchise with a history of its own can become in a very short span of time. It has sparked interest once again in mobile gaming and Sony is now looking to take full advantage of any such opportunity. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has said that the Japanese company is now looking […]


Pokemon GO Has Reportedly Made More Than $440 Million
Back in July when Pokemon GO was first launched, its initial success had many believing that the game had the potential to make $1 billion a year. We know, that is a huge sum of money that many developers probably never get to see, and if you’re wondering if the game could reach those levels, it seems like it is on track.

Latest Pokemon GO Update Introduces The Buddy System
Several days ago, information that was data mined from Pokemon go revealed that the game had an upcoming feature in the form of a buddy system. Basically from what we could tell from the code, it allows players to travel with a Pokemon on the map, and from there they would be able to generate Pokemon-specific candy.

‘Buddy System’ Feature Discovered In Pokemon GO Data Mine
We have been hearing reports that Pokemon GO is starting to lose some of its daily player base, and to be honest we can’t say we’re too surprised simply because the game hasn’t really changed much in terms of features ever since it launched. This means that players are starting to get bored.

Niantic Reversing Perma-Bans For Some Pokemon GO Players
A couple of weeks ago, Niantic announced that they would be permanently banning Pokemon GO players who were caught cheating or using tools such as bots and so on. However it looks like in the process of perma-banning players who were cheating, they also ended up perma-banning players who were wrongly accused of cheating.

Pokemon GO Data Mine Reveals Upcoming Features
We have been hearing reports about Pokemon GO losing the number of daily active users, and we guess this doesn’t really come as a surprise. It does not mean that the game is bad, it’s just that it could be that those who quit simply downloaded the game to check it out, and decided it wasn’t for them.

Road Accident Is First Pokemon-Go Related Death in Japan
In Tokushima Prefecture (south of Japan), Police forces have confirmed that a road accident that killed a woman was Japan’s first Pokemon-Go related fatality. Another woman was hit during the incident and was badly injured. The two victims are 60 and 72-year-old and the suspect is a 39-year-old man who was playing the game while driving.

Pokemon Go Players Are Now Murdering People
Pokemon Go players have been robbed, stabbed, and hurt in a number of ways while they were engrossed in trying to catch the little monsters, and now it appears that they’re the ones doing the hurting as their quest to catch Pokemon continues. A woman has reportedly been killed by a negligent driver on the road who was apparently playing Pokemon Go while driving.

Pokemon GO Updated With New ‘Appraisal’ Feature
Heads up Pokemon GO gamers, if you’re getting a little tired of the game and its same old features over and over again, you’ll be pleased to learn that Niantic has recently issued an update that will introduced a new feature called Appraisal, that will hopefully make the game a bit more interesting.

Is Pokemon GO Already On A Decline?
When Pokemon GO was first launched, it was all anyone could talk about. Sure, it is probably still one of the most popular games on mobile today, but it also looks like the game could be on the decline in terms of daily active users. As you can see in the graph above from Apptopia, it looks like the number of daily active users are starting to see a downwards […]

Thailand’s Police Sets Up A Pokemon GO Police Squad
Pokemon GO is one of the hottest games right now, which might account for why everyone is playing it. However it seems that some players are so engrossed in the game that personal safety and the safety of others completely slips their mind, which has resulted in car crashes and players walking off cliffs.