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Google Project Fi Gets Family Plan
Google is also in the business of providing cellular service. The Project Fi network hops between T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular to keep users connected. It’s a great option for those who want basic cell service and don’t require a ton of mobile data. Project Fi has been out for a while now and Google has decided to make it more cheap and easy to use. It has introduced a […]

Google’s Project Fi Could Be Getting Group Plans
As it stands, Google’s Project Fi’s plans are pretty much a one-size-fits-all. Given that Google’s time as an MVNO is still relatively short compared to other carriers out there, we guess it makes sense that Google would want to tread carefully out of the gate. However it looks like Google could be planning on expanding Project Fi’s offerings.

Cricket Wireless Offers 1GB LTE Data With $30 Plan
Low-cost carrier Cricket Wireless has come out with a new data plan that’s aimed at customers who want a bit more mobile data without having to spend a small fortune every month on their phone bill. The new plan is going to provide customers with unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB of 4G LTE data. Once the 1GB limit is hit, customers can continue to use mobile data […]

Google Wi-Fi Assistant Expanded To All Nexus Smartphones
Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant is a feature that was previously exclusive to users of its Project Fi cell service. The feature lets a Nexus device automatically connect to countless open and free Wi-Fi hotspots in a bid to reduce cellular data use and provide better mobile data speeds. Google today confirmed that it’s expanding Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus smartphones and that the feature is no longer a Project Fi exclusive.


Apple Wireless Carrier Not A Possibility
Google wasn’t always in the business of offering wireless service, but it entered into this space with Project Fi, its virtual mobile network. There have been rumors that perhaps Apple would do something like this as well, but the company hasn’t really given any hints that might suggest it’s interested in launching a virtual mobile carrier. A new report claims Apple CEO Tim Cook has declared it unlikely for the […]

Google's Project Fi Phone Service Is Now Invite-Free
You no longer need an invite to sign up for Google’s phone service. The company launched Project Fi about ten months ago and up till now entry was by invite only, even though it wasn’t that hard to score an invite. Nevertheless, the decision to go invite-free reflects Google’s confidence in this service as it opens up Project Fi to whosoever wishes to join.

Project Fi Supports Tablets And Internet-Only Devices
Google’s very own mobile network, Project Fi, was announced in April earlier this year, and here we are with some updates on it. A Project Fi support page for tablets and “other compatible devices” has already gone live earlier today, where far more details concerning it has been shared. With this in mind, does it mean that Project Fi is about to be launched officially? Let us keep our fingers […]

Project Fi Invites Are Instantly Available Today
Google got into the MVNO game with Project Fi but it has been tightly controlling the number of people who can access the service. It requires people to request an invite and wait for one to arrive, but for today only Project Fi invites are being rolled out for anyone and everyone in the United States. Google is doing this to celebrate the official release of LG Nexus 5X, one […]

Google’s New Nexus Handsets Are Compatible With Project Fi
Google’s Project Fi was launched earlier this year and for the longest time ever, only one handset has been officially supported by the network and that is the Nexus 6. The good news is that if you’re thinking about getting the recently announced Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P and are looking to go all Google, you’re in luck.It has been confirmed that in addition to the Nexus 6, both of […]

The New Moto X Works On Google's Project Fi Network
It was rumored earlier this year that Google is going to launch its own mobile virtual network operator or MVNO and eventually it did, however it’s not open to all devices. Since its launch Project Fi has only been compatible with the Nexus 6 but now there’s finally another device that’s compatible with the virtual network. It’s the new Moto X Pure Edition, an unlocked unit will work perfectly on […]

Project Fi Users Get One-Time Nexus 6 Replacement For $100
Google entered into the wireless business with Project Fi, that’s what it calls its MVNO or mobile virtual network operator that only provides service to Nexus 6 in the United States. Aside from getting all the advantages that Project Fi has to offer the company is also offering these customers a one-time Nexus 6 replacement for just $100, provided that the previous device suffered accidental damage.

Apple Reportedly Working On Its Own Phone Service
Apple is reportedly in talks to launch a phone service of its own, it’s mobile virtual network operator service is expected to be offered in Europe and the United States. The company is said to be considering launching such a service in the U.S. but is also believed to be in talks with telecom companies in Europe for launching the service across the pond as well.

Google’s Project Fi Successfully Activated On A Nexus 5
Earlier this year Google announced Project Fi which is the company’s attempt at being their own carrier, even though technically the company would be piggybacking on Sprint and T-Mobile’s network. Now Google had stated that they planned to start off slowly and at the time of launch, they stated that only the Nexus 6 was the only phone that was supported.Apparently this is because of the hardware used that allows […]

All Project Fi Invitations Should Have Gone Out By Summer
Last month Google officially announced Project Fi. For those who missed the news, basically Project Fi is Google’s attempt at being their own carrier, although to be fair they will be relying on T-Mobile and Sprint’s networks for coverage. That being said customers who were interested then could request for an invite, but at the number of invites Google has since received, it is not surprising that there are some […]

Project Fi Will Make You Give Up Google Voice For Good
Google’s much rumored mobile network has recently unveiled officially and now the first batch of invites are being rolled out, those who are hopeful to try the service must have a Nexus 6 because the service won’t work with any other handset for now. Those who do have a Nexus 6 and extensively use Google Voice, they might want to particularly pay attention to this report, as Project Fi’s signup process […]

Project Fi, Google's Own Mobile Network, Launched
We have known for a while now that Google will be launching its own mobile network and today it made the official announcement. It’s called Project Fi and starting today it’s available to Nexus 6 owners through an invite program. Through Project Fi Google is going to offer wireless service to Nexus 6 owners only, no other device is support as yet.