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Project Glass nose bridge patent
When the Project Glass from Google was first unveiled to the rest of the world, most folks were abuzz at the kind of potential applications for Project Glass. It does look as though wearing a pair of Project Glass for hours on end might end up in a rather painful experience, but perhaps there is more than meets the eye that Sergey Brin has yet to share with the world? […]

Google Glass makes Fashion Week debut
Tech and fashion might make for strange bedfellows, but this does not mean that they are like oil and water – fundamentally unable to gel. The Google Glass which was revealed in further detail this June was spotted in New York city yesterday, with designer Diane von Furstenberg debuting her spring 2013 collection alongside Google’s futuristic eyewear. This is definitely one of the more interesting collaborations that Google has indulged […]

'Private updates' on pre-orders headed for Google Glass 'explorers'
Folks who have placed a pre-order for Google Glass might want to look out for something interesting in their mailboxes, that would be, ‘private updates’ headed your way. In fact, the Google Glass team did send out an email to those who have placed a pre-order on the device at the Moscone West convention center sometime last month, touting that these Google Glass “explorers” will receive a copy of Google+ […]

Project Glass inspires real time subtitle translation
Remember how Google’s Project Glass wowed basically everyone who attended the recently concluded Google I/O? Well, someone was inspired by Project Glass and decided to do something about it using his own hands. Will Powell decided to cobble together an application which is capable of delivering translated subtitles in real time, and in the YouTube video that you see above, it allowed Will to carry out a conversation with his […]


Google Glass will reach consumer in 2014 says Google Co-Founder
We already knew that developers would get their hands on the Explorer Edition of Google Glass device in 6 months or so (for $1500), but Sergei Brin has confirmed to Bloomberg at Google IO that consumers would have to wait until 2014 until they can buy the new hip augmented reality device. Introduced as Google Project Glass, the glasses are an augmented reality module that display information on top of […]

Google's Project Glass gets detailed further
Back in April, we first heard about Google’s Project Glass, a wearable computing device that gives users a very sci-fi/futuristic look. For those uninitiated, Project Glass is a spectacle-like device that is worn, with a screen place above the right eye of the user. Glass at the moment is currently a prototype and during Google I/O, the company detailed the device further, expounding on its features and how it will […]

Google's Project Glass trackpad patented
Google’s Project Glass might just make wearing a pair of glasses cool – really cool, so much so that you might find kids ending up pestering their parents to get them a pair of glasses. While we have seen our fair share of Project Glass updates in the past, there are still nitty gritty issues to look at and discover, and the trackpad is one of them. Google’s Sergey Brin […]

Google Glasses confirmed to have trackpad
Google’s Project Glass, the augmented reality glasses that you can wear and feel as though you are from the future, has been confirmed to feature a trackpad as part of its hardware make up. An unusual source, California Lieutenant Governor and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, did share this revelation to the masses with Google’s Brin as a guest on his Current TV show, where this episode showed off […]

Project Glass used by Larry Page in U.K.
We’ve seen Sergey Brin wearing the famous Project Glass last month when the Google co-founder attended a charity event in San Francisco. A few weeks after that, Sebastian Thrun of Google’s Project X was also spotted wearing Project Glass in an interview with Charlie Rose. Earlier this month, Google’s Senior Vice President, Vic Gundotra, was also caught wearing the glasses during a recent interview with CNET. So, if you’re wondering […]

Google’s new Project Glass patent details gestures controlled with wearable markers
According to Intellectual Property centric blog Patentbolt, Google has just been granted three design patents this week with one highlighting how its Project Glass could work with hand gestures. Patentbolt added that the associated hand gesturing feature will be operable day or night due to advanced wearable markers in the form of rings and invisible digital tattooing. The said wearable markers could take in the form of a ring, a […]

Project Glass to receive controls?
Patent is the new intellectual ammunition of companies, and here we are with one of Google’s patents for their upcoming Project Glass that has every intention to make augmented reality an everyday occurrence in our lives. Touted to be one of the first commercially available social communications device in the market, the Project Glass from Google is still shrouded in secrecy – generally speaking, of course, as there is very […]

Google Project Glass Photo Is Inspiring
Feeding the Google Project Glass frenzy once again is another photo taken from the device itself. You can probably still recall Sebastian Thrun’s epic appearance with the Project Glass on when Charlie Rose did an interview of him. Proof of that was photo of Charlie taken from Project Glass which looks a little hazy, but nevertheless impressive. Although the capability to take pictures on the Project Glass isn’t really its […]

Google's Project Glass cameos in a video interview with Charlie Rose
Nope, it’s not a cyborg robot. But yes, that’s Sebastian Thrun – Google’s Project X founder and former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Google has officially branded its super-cool Google Glasses as Project Glass. If Sergey Brin showed up wearing the glasses in a charity event a few weeks ago, the Google X founder went even further by wearing it while being interviewed by Charlie Rose. You can check […]

Google Project Glass works with prescription glasses
When watching movies in 3D at the cinemas, one of the most important accessories to have would be a suitable pair of 3D glasses, that goes without saying. Having said that, those of us wearing more fanciful prescription glasses would find it difficult to place the 3D glass over the myriad of larger than life frames, leaving us with no recourse but to settle for a pair of contact lenses […]