At this year’s CES, Microsoft decided to tease us a bit with its IllumiRoom concept which was shown to expand the visuals of your game beyond your HDTV. After 3 months since its initial unveiling, Microsoft has released a new video showing off the concept once again.

Microsoft’s Illumiroom could end up being a device that would sit on a coffee table in order to work together with the Kinect to project lights around their HDTV to extend the image that is displayed on the screen in real-time. The way Illumiroom would work with the Microsoft Kinect is by having the camera deliver information in regards to the person’s living room, which would help in its ability to project the expanded images.

The video released by Microsoft describes the ability of the self-calibrating IllumiRoom to be able to “change the appearance of the room” and to “distort reality, extend field of view and enable entirely new gaming experiences.”  Hopefully whatever the IllumiRoom turns out to be will work with the Kinect wirelessly since having a cable run from your coffee table will probably drive most neat freaks crazy.

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