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Google director entertains the idea of working with RIM, touts the company’s physical keyboards
While it is true that most Android devices today no longer have physical keyboards, Google’s Director of Android User Experience, Matias Duarte, is hoping that the good old physical keyboard will continue to thrive. In an interview with ABC News, Duarte said that he still hopes that there will be Android phones with hardware keyboards.

Blackberry 10 phones release in... 2013!
During its earnings conference calls, RIM said that its upcoming Blackberry 10 phones won’t be available before the “first quarter of 2013”. Even though most people who followed the call were expecting relatively bad news, few were prepared for this particular launch time frame – “it’s nuts” comes to mind. What’s more scary is that this language is typically used to say “March 31 2013”, although this may not be […]

Blackberry 10 devices details revealed in leaked image
As BlackBerry 10 nears release, any detail about new devices is big news as the next-gen devices are what could revive them to their former glory, or sink them into further financial hardship. NN4B has found what it claims to be an internal slide from RIM that has details and images of two Blackberry 10 devices. The two devices are the L-series and the N-series.The L-Series looks fairly accurate as RIM […]

BlackBerry 10 L-Series and N-Series user interface leaked
The good people over at BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha did leak out the user interface as well as hardware specifications (although they did not reveal their entire suite of cards) on what the next pet project of beleaguered RIM is – where they are the L-Series and N-Series, which will both run on BlackBerry 10. Of course, the former is also known by its code name, the BlackBerry London, and […]


RIM may be split in two, is this the final chapter of a great story?
As the layoffs have begun, RIM has reportedly hired JP Morgan and RBC Capital to look at “strategic options” according to Reuters, and among the ideas that came out it, RIM may have been advised to split its business in half, by separating the handset division and the messaging network division. It is fair to say that the messaging division would be seen as the one with more value, while […]

RIM's first BlackBerry 10 hardware ditches physical keyboard
When we talk about BlackBerry devices, most of us would have this image in mind – a smartphone with a physical keyboard built right in for easy typing. In fact, it is safe to say that this signature form factor could also have been the thing that has brought the BlackBerry range to new depths, as the rest of the smartphone world moved forward with a full touchscreen display. Perhaps […]

RIM has reportedly begun laying off employees
RIM is certainly going through tough times now. With the decline in market share as far as the smartphone operating systems are concerned, and with one of their manufacturing partners calling it quits on them and with Blackberry 10 yet to launch, the future of the company certainly looks pretty bleak at this point. Now it seems that in order to help cut costs and to keep themselves afloat, reports […]

Blackberry manufacturer Celestica to start winding down its production of Blackberry hardware
Lately there have been a lot of reports about how RIM is currently struggling and could be looking to sell the Blackberry brand, or at least license some of its patents. Given the company’s rather bleak earnings and with Blackberry 10 still up in the air with no one knowing for sure how well it would do, it seems that one of RIM’s manufacturing partners is calling it quits as […]

RIM confirms 16GB Blackberry Playbook discontinuation
Just yesterday we reported that thanks to a leaked email, it would appear as thought RIM would be discontinuing the 16GB version of the Blackberry Playbook tablet. At that time while the email did appear to be valid, it was not officially confirmed and now thanks to a statement that RIM issued to the folks at Engadget, the discontinuation is indeed for real. According to RIM:

16GB Blackberry Playbook appears to have been discontinued
If you were hoping to get your hands on the 16GB version of the Blackberry Playbook, you might be out of luck. According to an email sent from RIM to a consumer, it seems that the company will be discontinuing the 16GB Blackberry Playbook model. This means that if you wanted to get the Playbook, you will have to go for the more expensive 32GB and 64GB versions. Some have […]

RIM gets to use BBM name without any implications
Research In Motion (RIM) is certainly a company that could do with plenty of good news, considering the rather tough times that the company has fallen into recently. Well, good to hear that a federal court has ruled in favor of RIM, saying that the use of the name “BBM” does not infringe upon any trademarks. BBM Canada’s CEO, Jim MacLeod, mentioned last December that “We want our name back”, […]

RIM launches BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1.0 beta for developers
It was just a few days ago when we said that BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta will be rolling out in a few days time. And true enough, today, RIM has just launched the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1.0 beta for developers. RIM explains that the beta will include major enhancements to the Android Runtime. This means that Android apps can now run in its own window and access to the camera […]

RIM's CEO hints at possible sale or licensing of the Blackberry platform
With RIM expected to post a surprise operating loss, we guess we weren’t too surprised to learn that the company is reportedly looking to sell themselves, or at least parts of themselves off. This was apparently confirmed in a letter sent to investors by the company’s CEO himself, Thorsten Heins. According to the letter, RIM has contacted bankers J.P. Morgan and RBC Capital Markets in assisting them to review its […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta rolling out in a few days' time?
Word on the street has it that Research in Motion (RIM) has every intention to roll out their first beta of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 before the month is over. Considering how there are just a couple more days after today before May makes way for June, does this mean the next couple of days will see PlayBook users (yes, all 10 of you at the back of the […]