[CES 2012] When it comes to automobile technology at CES, you can be sure that there will be new and old players alike each year, trying to outdo each other with their latest releases. Research In Motion’s Porsche Carrera concept car proved to be quite the attention seeker, where the vehicle showed off a slew of innovations which ran on RIM’s QNX platform. What makes this so special? Well, QNX is also the springboard for the Canadian’s firm’s next-generation mobile operating system. RIM picked up QNX a couple of years ago, and it is nice to see the fruit from that acquisition finally appear. Making sure the Porsche’s in-car infotainment system will work as intended, the real-time OS also powers the dashboard’s instrument clusters in addition to acoustic processing systems that deliver hands-free voice in many other vehicles.

One of the beauties of the QNX platform would be the ability to be customized for different specifications, depending on what the customer (automobile manufacturer in this case) wants. In fact, QNX Car 2 was announced at CES this year, being the next version of its platform that will comprise an auto-centric HTML5 framework. This is one concept car that truly had a sense of the future around it – especially when you redline the tachometer, and everything on the dash turned red to alert you.

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