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Driver Dies With Tesla’s Autopilot Active, NHTSA To Investigate
Tesla has reiterated many times in the past that the autopilot feature is not the same as self-driving. However the company’s CEO did state that the system is smart enough where it can actually reduce the chances of accidents by as much as 50%, and we have seen videos in the past that prove it.

Regulators Warn Owners Of 300,000 Honda Cars To Stop Driving Them
Earlier this year, Japanese carmaker Honda announced that they would be recalling 2.2 million of their cars due to an issue with its airbags which are manufactured by Takata. However it seems that isn’t the end of the story. US regulators the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has advised more than 300,000 Honda owners in the US to stop driving their cars.

This Gunshot-Plugging Device Just Saved Its First Life
You guys might recall that in 2015, we reported on a device called the Xstat. This is basically a syringe of sorts where upon plugging it into a gunshot wound, would help seal the wound in 20 seconds thanks to the fact that the syringe is pack with tiny sponges. The device was designed for use in the battlefield and it should work in theory.

Canada Looking To Introduce Safe Texting Zones Along Highways
Despite the money and effort spent in creating awareness about the dangers of texting while driving, people still insist on doing it anyway because they all think that it will never happen to them, at least until it does. So what happens when you receive a text while you’re driving? The right thing to do would be to ignore it until you’ve arrived at your destination.


Texting While Driving Could Dull Your ‘Sixth Sense’
We all know that texting while driving is a big no-no regardless of the situation. We know that it can lead to accidents and even death, but yet people continue doing it anyway. Now it might be easy to lump texting and driving, talking while driving, eating while driving, and etc. together and call it “distractions”, but apparently there is a difference.

Takata Reportedly Looking To Recall An Additional 35 Million Airbags
Takata, for those unfamiliar, is a company who supplies airbag systems to various carmakers such as Honda and Toyota, but as you might have heard, it seems that the company has issued a massive recall for their airbag systems which have been found to be the cause of multiple accidents that have happened in recent times.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Catches On Fire While Charging
It’s not everyday that you read about phones catching on fire or exploding, but the frequency of these reports are quite disturbing and we can only wonder when will it happen to us? That being said, it seems that there are new reports of a phone catching on fire, this time the device in question is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

India Turns To 3D Paintings As A Speed Breaker Alternative
If you drive, then you know that speed bumps and speed breakers can a painful experience as not only does it mess with your tyre pressure, but it can affect your car’s suspension, and in some cases with poorly built speed bumps, could end up damaging your undercarriage. However such implementations are necessary due to safety reasons, like to prevent drivers from speeding.

All Phones In India Must Include A Panic Button In 2017
Say you are in trouble and you need to call for help, but unfortunately sometimes our phones might not necessarily be quick enough to save us. For example we might have to unlock our phones which could take a couple of precious seconds, then we have to fire up an app, whether it be the phone dialer to call the police, or a messaging app to reach out to friends […]

City In Germany Creates New Traffic Lights For Those Who Text & Walk
It is no secret that texting while driving is dangerous, but studies have found that texting while walking is also dangerous. After all texting while walking could lead to you walking into lamp posts, potholes, an open manhole, or worse, oncoming traffic. In fact this is such a disturbing trend that over in the city of Augsburg, Germany, officials have created new traffic lights designed to warn those who text […]

Elon Musk Claims Tesla’s Autopilot Reduces Chance Of Accidents By 50%
When Tesla launched the autopilot feature in their cars, some carmakers weren’t too thrilled about it, calling it an irresponsible move. However so far we have seen how useful the feature is as it has been shown that it is capable of helping drivers avoid accidents, but exactly how useful are we talking about?

Carbon Fiber Strands Will Help Protect Buildings From Earthquakes
Due to Japan being situated in a volcanic zone on the Pacific Ring of Fire, earthquakes tend to happen every now and then. This is why if you were to visit Japan, you will realize that many of their buildings are outfitted with engineering features that will help protect buildings from collapsing or crumbling during the event of an earthquake.

Tesla Recalls Model X Over Potentially Unsafe Rear Seats
While there are several electric cars on the road, there aren’t as many electric SUVs which is what makes the Tesla Model X so special. That and the awesome-looking gullwing doors that lends a certain sporty factor to the overall design. However it seems that the vehicle is not without its problems.

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Sniffs Out Two Hellfire Missiles On A Plane
Smuggling drugs on a plane isn’t unheard of, but smuggling a couple of hellfire missiles on board a plane? We suppose that would have to be pretty daring and brazen of whoever is smuggling the missiles as they assume they won’t be undetected. Unfortunately for whoever the missiles belonged to, they were discovered by bomb-sniffing dogs over in Belgrade, Serbia.

This Device Could Detect Suicide Bomb Vests For Real
Cases of suicide bombings seem to have increased over the past few years. Unfortunately unless you are aware that a suicide bombing could take place, it would be hard to spot a suicide vest, especially if worn under layers of clothing. However thanks to the efforts of a company called R3 Technologies, we might finally have a device that can detect suicide bomb vests.

Teen Suffers Second-Degree Burns While Charging Her Phone
 In the past we have heard of how some phones have exploded while charging, and in some cases have even caused burns to their victims. Recently over in Illinois, it looks like something similar has happened where a 13-year old girl suffered from second-degree burns after she was using her phone while it was charging.

This App Will Turn Your Smartphone Into An Earthquake Detector
In the event of an earthquake or an impending earthquake, your phone will notify you of it thanks to emergency services that will send out public text messages. However what if your smartphone could be used to detect those earthquakes even before they happen? That’s what researchers at the University of California-Berkeley are trying to do with a smartphone app.

This Collar Could Protect The Brains Of Athletes Upon Impact
Watching sports like professional wrestling, football, boxing, and etc. can be rather cringey, especially when you look at how much damage these athletes have to suffer in the name of sport. Granted some of them do wear protective gear like helmets, but even then subsequent studies have found that helmets do little to protect the brains of the athletes.

Googler Discovers USB Type-C Cable That Apparently Fried His Hardware
It is expected that eventually, USB Type-C ports, connectors, and devices will be ubiquitous. However in the meantime, many companies are taking advantage of the budding technology and have begun to introduce USB Type-C cables for users who might own such devices, like the OnePlus 2, the Chromebook Pixel, or the 12-inch MacBook from Apple.

Group Of Students Drown After Attempting To Take Selfies
Who knew that the simple act of taking your own photo could result in so many warnings issued by authorities, so many accidents, and so many deaths? However it seems that despite all these warnings, people are still trying to go about capturing the best and most interesting shot at the cost of their safety.