99% Of Fake Apple Accessories Sold Online Failed Safety Tests

You would think that purchasing an Apple accessory from an online platform as old and reputable as Amazon would mean that you’re purchasing a legitimate product. Unfortunately that’s not the case as previously Apple had warned that 9 out 10 Apple accessories sold on Amazon are fakes.

Anker Issues Recall For Their USB-C Cables

It probably goes without saying that USB-C is the standard we can expect in the future in terms of device connectivity. So far we’ve seen many Android OEMs adopt the feature, and we are also seeing laptop manufacturers adopting USB-C ports as well, but the problem isn’t so much the adoption, but the creation of USB-C cables.

Basis Peak Smartwatches Recalled Due To Overheating Issues

The Basis Peak smartwatch was launched in 2014, but it seems that in the past few months, owners of the Peak smartwatch have been reporting that their devices have been overheating, so much so to the point where the company has announced (via TechCrunch) that they will be recalling the devices.

Ground Level Traffic Lights Could Prevent Walking-While-Texting Accidents

With so many people having their eyes glued to their phones and walking around, more often than not they will bump into someone else, or worse, walk into oncoming traffic without realizing it. Unfortunately so far apart from trying to educate people about the dangers of walking and texting, there really isn’t much else we can do, or is there?


DJI Will Now Alert Drone Owners Of Nearby Wildfires

Drones allow us to get to heights and access views that would not normally be possible unless one was in a helicopter. Unfortunately the novelty meant that people were using drones to record all kinds of things, like emergency situations which in some cases can actually hinder rescue efforts.

This Robot Could Have Broken Asimov’s First Law Of Robotics

For those who are fans of robots and robotics, you guys are probably aware of Asimov and his Three Laws of Robotics, or at least the first one that was echoed by Will Smith in the “I, Robot” movie which says, “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.”

Driver Dies With Tesla’s Autopilot Active, NHTSA To Investigate

Tesla has reiterated many times in the past that the autopilot feature is not the same as self-driving. However the company’s CEO did state that the system is smart enough where it can actually reduce the chances of accidents by as much as 50%, and we have seen videos in the past that prove it.

Regulators Warn Owners Of 300,000 Honda Cars To Stop Driving Them

Earlier this year, Japanese carmaker Honda announced that they would be recalling 2.2 million of their cars due to an issue with its airbags which are manufactured by Takata. However it seems that isn’t the end of the story. US regulators the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has advised more than 300,000 Honda owners in the US to stop driving their cars.

This Gunshot-Plugging Device Just Saved Its First Life

You guys might recall that in 2015, we reported on a device called the Xstat. This is basically a syringe of sorts where upon plugging it into a gunshot wound, would help seal the wound in 20 seconds thanks to the fact that the syringe is pack with tiny sponges. The device was designed for use in the battlefield and it should work in theory.

Canada Looking To Introduce Safe Texting Zones Along Highways

Despite the money and effort spent in creating awareness about the dangers of texting while driving, people still insist on doing it anyway because they all think that it will never happen to them, at least until it does. So what happens when you receive a text while you’re driving? The right thing to do would be to ignore it until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Texting While Driving Could Dull Your ‘Sixth Sense’

We all know that texting while driving is a big no-no regardless of the situation. We know that it can lead to accidents and even death, but yet people continue doing it anyway. Now it might be easy to lump texting and driving, talking while driving, eating while driving, and etc. together and call it “distractions”, but apparently there is a difference.

Takata Reportedly Looking To Recall An Additional 35 Million Airbags

Takata, for those unfamiliar, is a company who supplies airbag systems to various carmakers such as Honda and Toyota, but as you might have heard, it seems that the company has issued a massive recall for their airbag systems which have been found to be the cause of multiple accidents that have happened in recent times.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Catches On Fire While Charging

It’s not everyday that you read about phones catching on fire or exploding, but the frequency of these reports are quite disturbing and we can only wonder when will it happen to us? That being said, it seems that there are new reports of a phone catching on fire, this time the device in question is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

India Turns To 3D Paintings As A Speed Breaker Alternative

If you drive, then you know that speed bumps and speed breakers can a painful experience as not only does it mess with your tyre pressure, but it can affect your car’s suspension, and in some cases with poorly built speed bumps, could end up damaging your undercarriage. However such implementations are necessary due to safety reasons, like to prevent drivers from speeding.