Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

This App Lets You Remap The Galaxy S8’s Dedicated Bixby Button
With there being so many voice assistant AI software already available in the market, Samsung’s Bixby will definitely face some stiff competition when it launches alongside the release of the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Whether or not it’ll live up to the hype or end up being a mostly forgotten feature remains to be seen.

Galaxy S8+ With 6GB RAM And 128GB Storage Confirmed
There were rumors long before the Galaxy S8 was made official that Samsung was going to at least offer one model of the new flagship in select markets that will feature 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Everyone else will have to make do with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Samsung didn’t say anything about such a model during its presentation but the company’s website for South […]

Development On The Galaxy S9 Has Reportedly Begun
The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have only just recently been announced and neither handset has yet to go on sale, but according to a report from The Bell (via The Investor; via PhoneArena), development on 2018’s Samsung Galaxy S9 has already begun. If true, this puts development of the handset 6 months ahead compared to the Galaxy S8.

S Health Is Now Samsung Health, Offers Online Doctor Visits In U.S.
Samsung pointed out during the Galaxy S8 event last month that the new handset comes with an app called Samsung Health, which is an updated version of the S Health app that Samsung users already have, and that it’s going to enable online doctor visits for users in the United States. Samsung today rolled out an update for the app and it will henceforth be known as Samsung Health. The […]


Samsung’s Tizen OS Reportedly Riddled With Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Today’s mobile landscape has pretty much matured to the point where users either choose between iOS or Android. This is versus several years ago where there were more smartphone operating systems battling it out for market share, and while that still holds true today, it has become much less obvious.

Samsung’s Foldable Phones Might Not Debut Until 2019
We have been hearing quite a few rumors regarding Samsung’s plans for foldable phones. It is no secret that the company is working on displays that can actually be bent and folded, and we have heard rumors that they are planning for a possible launch later this year. However Samsung Display has since poured cold water onto that possibility

Galaxy S8+ With 6GB Of RAM Could Cost $1,000
When Samsung made the Galaxy S8 and S8+ official, they revealed the specs of the phone and according to the specs, the handset comes with 4GB of RAM. Now 4GB is by no means considered little, but considering that there are phones out there with 6GB, we’re sure some were hoping that Samsung would have included 6GB.

Google Launches PAX, Hopes To Put An End To Patent Trolls
If a company has been found to have infringed upon another company’s patent, a lawsuit usually occurs. Sometimes it is justified especially when the infringement is pretty blatant, but sometimes the patent in question is just so vague that we guess it could go either way depending on the interpretation.

Apple Reportedly Places 70 Million OLED Screen Orders From Samsung
A popular rumor and theory with regards to Apple’s 2017 iPhone 8 is that it will sport an OLED display. Whether or not those rumors will pan out remains to be seen, but a report from Nikkei (via MacRumors) has revealed that Apple has placed OLED screen orders from Samsung for about 70 million panels.

Galaxy S8 System Dump Appears Online
It has only been a few days since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ officially and we already have folks digging into the software of this new handset. Many apps that are going to come pre-installed on the new flagship have now appeared online. A full Galaxy S8 system dump is now available for those who want to try out the new apps that Samsung has introduced with […]

Bixby Finds Its Way Onto The Galaxy S7 (Sort Of)
One of the exclusive features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be Bixby, which we guess could be thought of as Samsung’s (new) answer to Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa. Now if you don’t own the Galaxy S8 but want Bixby, you are in luck (sort of) because the folks at XDA have figured out a way to bring Bixby onto the Galaxy S7.

Alleged Galaxy S8 Prototypes Show Off Dual Camera Setup
Prior to the official review of the Samsung Galaxy S8, there were rumors regarding the handset’s camera and that it would adopt a dual camera system. Given that there have been quite a few OEMs to have done so, and with Samsung’s fiercest rival Apple also having done so themselves, it made sense that Samsung could follow suit.

Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 (2016) Nougat Set For Release In May
If you own either the Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 (2016) models and you were wondering about the status of the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the phone, then you will be pleased to learn that the update appears to be undergoing testing and that it is currently pegged for a release this coming May.

Galaxy S8/S8+ Are Not Daydream Compatible (For Now)
When Samsung launched its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets, it was unsurprisingly compatible with the company’s 2017 Gear VR and Controller devices. However given that it is an Android phone, we’re sure some of you guys might be wondering whether or not it is compatible with Google’s Daydream VR platform.