samsung logoIf you thought that the Apple VS Samsung patent war was over, you could be forgiven for thinking so. After all it has been quite a few years and things have been a bit quiet on that front. Not to mention we have also heard that both companies are still working with each other, with Apple reportedly ordering 100 million AMOLED panels from Samsung.

However that really isn’t the case because according to a report from Reuters, the war is still waging on and in the latest battle, it seems that the US Supreme Court has ruled in Samsung’s favor and threw out an earlier ruling that said that Samsung had to pay Apple $399 million in damages over patent infringement.

The court ruled unanimously that Samsung’s patent could only affect a component of the infringed product, not the sum of its parts. This means that Samsung will now have to take it back to the lower courts where they have a chance of winning back some of their money from the total of $548 million that they are supposed to pay Apple in damages.

According to Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock in a statement, “We remain optimistic that the lower courts will again send a powerful signal that stealing isn’t right.” It looks like this war does not look like it is close to any kind of conclusion just yet.

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