Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

Galaxy S8 Might Face Supply Issues
It’s not uncommon for popular devices to face supply constraints when they are released to customers. Millions of people around the globe are waiting to pick up that particular device and it can be hard for the company to meet demand. A new report out of Korea claims that Samsung may struggle with trying to keep up with demand for the Galaxy S8. That’s not going to be an ideal […]

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Won’t Be Sold In The US
You might have heard the rumors that Samsung is apparently considering refurbishing the Note 7 and selling them again. It turns out the rumors were true as Samsung has recently announced their plans to sell refurbished Note 7 handsets. Given that apart from their exploding batteries, the Note 7 is an amazing handset, we guess some of you guys might be pretty excited by this.

Alleged Galaxy S8 Gets Benchmarked On AnTuTu
By now based on all the leaks and rumors, it’s safe to say that we know almost everything there is to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. However in case you wanted a quick recap or if you wanted some confirmation regarding its specs, you might be interested to learn that the handset has recently been spotted on the AnTuTu benchmarks.

Samsung Flagship Smartphone Sales Said To Be At Lowest Levels
Samsung took a hit of billions of dollars due to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco but the company’s year-end results for 2016 showed that it posted a higher operating profit and was just able to manage a recovery. There may be more than meets the eye here as analysts are of the view that the sales of Samsung’s flagship smartphones happen to be at their lowest levels yet.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Making A Comeback
Samsung has millions of Galaxy Note 7 units lying in warehouses as it had to recall the units it had shipped after it decided to discontinue the handset merely weeks into the launch due to battery issues. The company has since figured out what caused the handset to catch fire for no apparent reason. It has now confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 will be making a comeback as a […]

Possible Galaxy S8 Camera Launch Shortcut Revealed
While huge and rich displays with high-resolutions, fast and powerful processors, and amazing cameras are great and marketable features of smartphones, sometimes it is the small details that helps bring the experience to the next level. In Samsung’s case with the upcoming Galaxy S8, a possible camera launch shortcut could be one of them.

Samsung ‘Guard S8’ Protection Program Rumored
All phones come with warranty, but exactly what that warranty will or will not cover will really depend on the manufacturer, and we suppose also depending on the laws of the country and what are the minimum things that companies need to cover. However with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, we could be looking at some kind of enhanced protection plan.

Samsung Patents Smartwatch With Secondary Rim Display
With smartphones like Samsung’s “Edge” series or the LG V-series, both Samsung and LG have toyed with the idea of a secondary display where either the edges or the top portion of the phone could exist separately from the main display, thus offering up newer ways to access apps, information, notifications, and so on.

Galaxy S8 Touch Sensitivity Test Video Leaked
There appears to be no end to the leaks that we’re seeing about the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Not that Samsung fans will mind. They have been anxiously waiting for the company to come out with its next flagship smartphone. A new video has surfaced online in which we can see a touch sensitivity test being performed on what appears to be a Galaxy S8.

Qualcomm Reportedly Prevented Samsung From Selling Exynos Chipsets To Others
If you have noticed, Samsung’s Exynos chipsets seem to be largely exclusive to Samsung’s own smartphones and devices. You might have assumed that it’s a similar situation to Apple where the Cupertino company’s A-series of chipsets are exclusive to iOS devices for marketing and performance purposes.

LG K20 V, Samsung Galaxy J7 V Now Available From Verizon
If you’re in the market for a new and affordable smartphone, you’ll be pleased to learn that Verizon has launched two brand new options for you to choose from. They come in the form of the LG K20 V and the Samsung Galaxy J7 V, both of which are relatively affordable so if you want a second phone or one for your kids, these might be some great options.

Samsung Unveils New Gear S3 Models And Concepts At Baselworld
Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatches are pretty nicely designed, but if you were hoping to see more variations, then you might be interested to learn that during Baselworld 2017, Samsung has taken the wraps off several new Gear S3 models, as well as unveiled a couple of new wearable concepts that we’re not sure if it will ever be put into production.

Target Circular Leaks Galaxy S8 Pre-Order Bonuses
It seems that Samsung really wants customers to buy the Galaxy S8. We have heard rumors that Samsung will be doing things like bundling AKG headphones with the handset, and even offering an unconditional 3-month refund window, and now thanks to a recent leak of Target’s upcoming circular, more bonuses for the Galaxy S8 have been revealed.

Render Of U.S.-Bound Galaxy S8 Leaked
We’ve seeing leaked renders of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ almost on a daily basis now. Over the past few days, we’ve seen many renders that have more or less confirmed what the three main color options that the new flagship is going to be launched with. The latest leaked render shows us that there’s going to be a slight difference in the branding of the Galaxy S8 that’s […]