The U1 chip that debuted with the iPhone 11 last year seemed like an indication that Apple was readying its own Tile-like tracking accessory, but now according to a report from Jon Prosser, he claims that the U1 chip is actually the foundation for even bigger plans and loftier goals than just helping you find a missing object.

According to Prosser, he claims that both the rumored HomePod mini and the new Apple TV are expected to come with the U1 chip inside of them. Some of you might be wondering why on earth would these devices need a U1 chip? According to Prosser, he believes that Apple is planning on using these devices to act as base stations of sorts, where it could enhance the AR capabilities in the “Find My” app.

For example, instead of the iPhone and the Tile-like tracker doing all the work, if you were to own the HomePod mini or new Apple TV, they could also help act as a lookout for the device, and thus provide users with more accurate and maybe even AR-based tracking for your device. It can also double as security devices where it can be used to alert users remotely when any of your devices are moved or are taken from your home.

We’re still not 100% sure what Apple has planned for its U1 chip, but if Prosser’s tweets are accurate, we should be getting a clearer idea when Apple announces the new devices at their iPhone event tomorrow. Until then, take it with a grain of salt.

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