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Bethesda Will Be Bringing ‘Skyrim’ To The PlayStation VR
While Bethesda’s Skyrim might not necessarily be the latest RPG available at the moment, it seems that the developer is milking the heck out of it. The company not only announced a remaster of the game in the form of Skyrim Special Edition, but they’ll also be bringing it onto the Nintendo Switch with brand new controls.

‘Skyrim’ For Nintendo Switch Officially Revealed
When the Nintendo Switch was officially announced, the trailer showed off a person playing what appeared to be Bethesda’s Skyrim on the console. There was a bit of back and forth about whether the game would be available for the platform, with Bethesda ultimately confirming that yes, Skyrim would be coming to the Switch.

Bethesda Can’t Say If Skyrim On The Switch Is The ‘Special Edition’
Bethesda has been playing it a bit coy with regards to Skyrim arriving on the Nintendo Switch. When the game was first spotted in the Switch’s debut trailer, the company could not confirm if the game would be arriving on the console. However last month it was officially confirmed that the game would be arriving on the platform.

Skyrim For The Nintendo Switch Officially Confirmed
When the Nintendo Switch’s reveal trailer launched, Skyrim was spotted running on the console. However for some reason, Bethesda at that time would not (or could not) confirm whether the game would arrive for the console. The good news is that you will have to wonder no more because during Nintendo’s presentation yesterday, Skyrim has been confirmed.


Skyrim Special Edition Was Possible Because Of Fallout 4
We know that when Bethesda announced Skyrim Special Edition which featured updated graphics and more, many gamers were probably thrilled by the announcement. However it seems that these gamers have Fallout 4 to thank because without the game, there might not have been a Skyrim Special Edition.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard Seemingly Confirms Skyrim For Nintendo Switch
When the Nintendo Switch was shown off, apart from the obvious first-party titles, what got many players excited was the fact that the trailer seemed to show off Bethesda’s Skyrim. However both Bethesda threw some cold water on the excitement by saying they can’t confirm anything right now which we can only assume it is due to an NDA.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Trailer Recreated In Skyrim
In the past we have come across some pretty fun videos in which gamers use games such as Minecraft, Skyrim, and GTA (just to name a few) to recreate entire worlds, movie trailers, and so on. The latest effort comes from YouTuber UCHHzEsfLwTzzpxchUuwea8g who has managed to create the season 1 preview of Game of Thrones within Skyrim.

Skyrim Will Apparently Be A Launch Title For The Nintendo Switch
When the Nintendo Switch was revealed, we weren’t surprised to see titles like Mario or Zelda being demoed on it. What surprised us was seeing Skyrim being played on the console, which got everyone excited as it seemed to suggest that the game would be part of the console’s lineup, or is it?

Some Games Found To Have Performance Issues With The PS4 Pro
Sony’s PS4 Pro is expected to represent the next stage in console gaming, where instead of gamers having to wait 7-10 years for a hardware refresh, we could be looking at more frequent updates meant to keep up with the times. Unfortunately for some reason, it seems that despite the newer and more powerful hardware in the PS4 Pro, some games are having issues with it.

Skyrim Special Edition Patch Seems To Be Causing The Game To Crash
The thing about patches for software is that usually they’re meant to fix something. However in the case of Skyrim Special Edition, a recently released patch (version 1.1 for those wondering) that was meant to address some issues with the game, such as audio, seems to have had the unfortunate result of making it worse by crashing the game for some gamers.

Skyrim: Special Edition Audio Issues Will Be Fixed Soon
Skyrim fans might have been very excited about getting their hands on Skyrim: Special Edition but most of them haven’t really been pleased with what they’ve experienced so far. Skyrim: Special Edition has been released for PC and Xbox One and it appears that Bethesda had some tuning to do before it actually sent out the game that it didn’t do. Players have been complaining about bad audio quality when […]

Skyrim Special Edition Will Accept Existing (Unmodded) Saved Games
Are you looking forward to playing Skyrim Special Edition? Given what we’ve seen in the videos, we have to say that it almost looks like a brand new game, and considering how fun the original Skyrim was, we’re sure that many players would be more than happy to play through the game again with its new graphics.

Skyrim Mods On The PS4 & Xbox One Will Have Storage Limitations
Were you worried that Skyrim on the PS4 won’t be able to support mods? We know that we were a little disappointed when we first heard the news, but later it was revealed that Sony and Bethesda had finally reached some kind of agreement/compromise that would allow mods to be supported, but there were limitations.

Skyrim Special Edition PS4 Graphics Compared To The PS3
In a few days’ time, Bethesda will be releasing Skyrim Special Edition, which in case you missed the announcement at E3 earlier this year, is effectively a remastered version of the game with brand new graphics. So the question is, should you spend your money on it even if you’ve completed the game?