skyrim_monopolyOver the years we’ve seen the Monopoly board game get made into different themes and variations. For example we’ve seen The Legend of Zelda version, a Pokemon Johto edition, and even a Final Fantasy VII version. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that in 2017, we can look forward to a Skyrim version as well.


Announced by retailer Merchoid, it seems that this Skyrim-themed Monopoly will contain landmarks based on the world of Skyrim. Its description reads, “Enter the realms of Tamriel in this brand new Skyrim themed edition of the fast-dealing, property trading game, as you experience lore, characters and locations from the bestselling videogame.”

“Whether your plans are to set up villages in Winterhold or construct huge castles in Windhelm, get ready to unleash your inner entrepreneurial spirit as you lay claim to some of the most valuable plots of land in Tamriel.” There was no mention of the tokens used, but there’s a good chance that just like the other themed Monopoly sets that we can look forward to Skyrim-themed tokens as well.

In any case for fans of Skyrim it does sound like it could be interesting. Monopoly collectors might also be interested in getting their hands on it. At the moment it is priced at $47.99 and can be pre-ordered via Merchoid’s website.

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