Skyrim fans might have been very excited about getting their hands on Skyrim: Special Edition but most of them haven’t really been pleased with what they’ve experienced so far. Skyrim: Special Edition has been released for PC and Xbox One and it appears that Bethesda had some tuning to do before it actually sent out the game that it didn’t do. Players have been complaining about bad audio quality when playing the remaster and Bethesda has now confirmed that it’s going to fix the issues.

Reddit user LasurArkinshade has theorized that the issues are being caused by the audio files for Skyrim: Special Edition as they use a compressed format which makes them sound even worse than the original game which was released almost half a decade ago.

A comparison of extracted audio files from both games revealed that the original game has sound assets in uncompressed .wav format while the Special Edition has all of them in an aggressively compressed .xwm format. LasurArkinshade has also created an audio comparison to show just how bad things are.

Bethesda agrees that things aren’t quite what they should be. Its global community lead Matt Grandstaff has confirmed that “We’re currently testing a fix and hope to have an update out next week.”

No further details about the fix itself have been provided at this point in time so it’s unclear what the update is actually going to do behind the scenes to address this problem.

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