Google’s Google+ did take off at a rather explosive pace, but it seems that the momentum has slowed down now, so much so that Google might have another social networking card up their sleeves – with Google Circles being another cog in the larger social initiative machine. There are reasons to believe that Google would have previewed a major new social service known as Google Circles at South by Southwest Interactive, although Google did issue an official denial of Circles’ launch there. This certainly further cements the idea that Google Circles is very real, since the Internet search giant did not deny it at all.


Rumor has it that Google Circles will deliver photo, video and status message sharing. Whatever you decide to share on Circles will end up being shared with only the most appropriate circle of social contacts in your lives, and not with every Tom, Dick and Harry. A “smarter” social networking experience, so to speak, so it would be interesting to see how Google Circles develops, and will it make a dent in Facebook‘s rather formidable armor?

The most bizarre aspect of all this would be that a Google Circles service would be a very confusing name as Google+ also has “Circles” of friends… let’s wait and see.

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