Articles about social networks (page 2) monitors your privacy and reputation is a free web service that aims at monitoring your privacy and reputation in Facebook. Although most of us have not had a Facebook horror story to share, we have probably heard quite a few. Whether it is to monitor one’s reputation, or protect kids from bullies or predators, it can be very challenging to detect and take action early enough… before the damage is done.Once a Facebook account […]

Alibaba to launch its own Google+ like social network
Alibaba has often been referred to as China’s answer to Google, and rightfully so. They are one of the country’s largest (if not the largest) search engine and have even services and products that mirror Google’s own, so it’s really not surprising that the company now has plans to launch a social network of their own called Laiwang.

What do people look at on your Facebook profile?
If you’ve ever wondered what people look at when they visit your profile on social networks like Facebook, we’ve got some answers for you. The folks over at the EyeTrackShop recently performed an interesting study on a group of 30 participants. Using webcams that were set up to monitor the eye movements of the people in front of the computers, they recorded what each user was looking at every 10 […]

Motokey Launches in Canada Next week
Although none of the social-phones optimized for social network usage has been a huge commercial success (yet), companies are pressing on and are trying different form-factor. The Motokey has been spotted several times in the past few weeks, but today’s news is that it is set to launch in Canada next week.A closer look at the specifications reveal that this is not a phone for power users: it has a […]


Microsoft Socl social network revealed
Quite a few months ago, Tulalip (Microsoft’s social network) leaked online and was taken offline quickly, but not before people caught a glimpse of it. Well, this week the folks over at The Verge managed to get an early look at the service and it looks like it’s not going to be a typical social network ala Facebook/MySpace. It is now called Socl (no more Tulalip) and mixes search, discovery, […]

Twitter Poster lets you create a poster out of your tweets
Anyone out there a Twitter addict? Well, if you have tweeted at least 230 tweets, Firebox, an online gadget retailer, will be able to turn all those tweets into a portrait poster that comprises of all your tweet. The poster will measure 24” x 24” and uses 18pt font size. As we had mentioned earlier, it would take roughly 230 tweets to make this poster using those dimensions, although it […]

Verizon launches $10 "social" data plan for Blackberry Curve 3G
Verizon subscribers, if you own the Blackberry Curve 3G and you think your base data plan of $29.99 a month is too expensive, especially since all you do is send instant messages and browse Facebook, Verizon has a new plan for you in the form of a “social” data plan that will only cost you $10 a month.

[Study] Social media believed to be used by most of today's burglars
While the internet is great for helping you keep in touch with the people you care about, it’s also a good way for strangers to find out everything about you. One thing people seem to ignore nowadays is the privacy settings on their social networks – where they are, where they live, where they hang out – all their location data is visible for everyone to see.

Google+ users hit 50 million mark
In just less than a week after Google opened up the doors of their own social network, Google+, to the world, it seems that the growth has proved to be phenomenal. According to Paul Allen (unofficial statistician for Google+), Google+ has already achieved the 50 million user mark. Sure, it might pale in comparison to Facebook’s figure that stands more than 15 times the number, but see how fast it […]

Facebook Introduces New Features
After introducing the “subscribe” button that makes Facebook more like Twitter or Google+, the world’s largest social network takes things one step further by introducing two new features today.1/Top StoriesThe news feed is going to get an upgrade with “top stories”. Today, the news feed is sorted by date, so you may  miss something really cool if you have been away for days as updates are simply pushed down. Not […]

HTC ChaCha in China drops Facebook for QQ
For those unfamiliar with the HTC ChaCha, it is an Android handset that is reminiscent of the Blackberry’s design, featuring a QWERTY keyboard and more importantly – Facebook integration. It is the first HTC handset that has been touted as a “Facebook phone” which seems to be targeted at those who can’t get themselves off the social networking website.

Facebook Subscribe Button: Playing Catch-Up With Google+
Facebook Subscribe Button - How it works: Now, users can subscribe to the Facebook feeds of people that they are not "friends" with. However, each user can control if their feed is public or private

Motorola EX225 Facebook phone pictured
The HTC ChaCha is an Android device that made its way onto AT&T’s network. Given how big social networking is at the moment, it was probably understandable for HTC to push out a Facebook specific device, and now it looks like Motorola has decided to enter the fray with their EX225 Facebook handset.

Facebook reunites bride with her lost wedding dress
The dream wedding is often something that most little girls have in their mind when growing up, as they wait for Prince Charming to drive up in a Lamborghini (sorry, no more of that shining armor crap in this day and age), ready to whisk her off to a destination holiday for their honeymooon after all the necessary is done. Social networking has also helped made weddings more accessible to […]

Viadeo Opens Public API and Launches Developer Contest
Viadeo is a business social network similar to LinkedIn and very popular outside the USA, the service  is number one in China and number two in India, with a global user-base of over 35 million members. Since the re-design of its brand and website, Viadeo growth rate has soared: one million new members are joining each month.Today, Viadeo launched its public API in the US, providing a Viadeo Connect button […]

UmeNow squares off with Facebook and Google+
Just when you thought that things could not heat up further where the world of social networks are concerned, along comes UmeNow that wants to annihilate Facebook’s lead in the market (which is an extremely tall order, and some say impossible, I might add) while dismissing Google+ as being inconsequential to the big picture. It seems that this new service is proud to be known as “the first and only […]

Camera and photo sharing features in Mango revealed
Looking forward to Microsoft’s latest update for Windows Phone 7? Today Microsoft just unveiled more details regarding their Mango update and some of these features will be very applicable especially to those who enjoy taking photographs and participating frequently in social networks.

BBM Music launched by RIM
It looks like last week’s rumors turned out to be true. RIM is launching BBM Music (beta), a new social music service that lets users setup a musical profile of 50 songs (I think of it as your musical “DNA”) that can be streamed or downloaded to their Blackberry device. Users can then invite BBM (Blackberry Messenger) friends to join them and share their own favorite songs. Once connected every […]

"The Ultimate Drive" app by BMW released
Let’s face it, when it comes to driving from point A to point B, everyone has a different way of getting there. Some might prefer a quick and efficient route while some prefer a long and scenic drive. Some probably only know one way which can sometimes result in it being the longer and more inefficient route.

NYPD forms new social media unit
Love all things computers, and you live, breathe and eat social networking? Then the NYPD might be your future workplace if you’re still studying, as the New York Police Department (NYPD) gets on with the times by forking a spanking new social media unit that has its work cut out for them. This new unit intends to track potential troublemakers who actually are silly enough to announce plans or brag […]