Emotion Sensing Robot Called Pepper Goes On Sale In Japan This Week

Japan’s SoftBank has created an emotion sensing robot called Pepper which it is going to sell starting this week, the company only has plans to build 1,000 units of its humanoid robot in the first production run and depending upon the response that it gets it may or may not decide to produce additional units. Pepper will first go on sale in Japan before it’s made available in other countries […]

Kid-Friendly Pepper Robot Tries To Sell you A Nescafe Coffee Machine

Softbank’s Pepper robot has more than meets the eye – as this particular robot looks set to do a whole lot more than just chat up customers to their brick and mortar stores. Apparently, the Pepper robot that will retail for approximately $2,000 thereabouts from next year onward, is set to assist in the sales of coffee machines – particularly the ones from Nescafe, and it would do so in […]

SoftBank Looking To Acquire DreamWorks Animation [Rumor]

At one point in time, Sprint’s parent company SoftBank had considered acquiring T-Mobile, but it seems that the breakup fee was something that either company could agree upon which ultimately led to the deal falling through. However it seems that SoftBank is still set on acquiring companies if a recent report from The Wall Street Journal is to be believed, SoftBank is said to be eyeing animation studio DreamWorks Animation.For […]

SoftBank’s Pepper Robot To Go On Sale In The U.S.

SoftBank of Japan, a company that most people would associate with mobile phone services, has announced that they have worked on a plan to sell their very own robot known as “Pepper” over in the U.S. within a year’s time. Pepper happens to be a robot that stands at 1.2 meters in height, where it is capable of cracking a joke by pulling it out from its digital archives, while […]


SoftBank Works On Human-Like Robots

SoftBank of Japan is currently working on human-like robots that are known as “Pepper” that the company intends to make use of in order to handle its cellphone stores, at least according to a couple of informants who are familiar with the matter. This particular move is meant to target the expanding mobile phone market as well as increasing SoftBank’s technological reach among the masses. This particular plan was announced […]

SoftBank Reportedly Considering Bid For Vodafone

Time and again it has been rumored that SoftBank is shopping around for a major mobile carrier. Over the past few months there has been endless speculation about a possible acquisition of T-Mobile U.S. by SoftBank, and a subsequent merger with Sprint, which it owns. Apparently federal regulators aren’t warming up to the idea, so perhaps SoftBank has started looking elsewhere. There’s increasing speculation that it may be considering a […]

SoftBank’s CEO Reveals How He Brought The iPhone To Japan

The iPhone is probably one of the more desired smartphones in the world at the moment, and despite what its critics and detractors have to say about it, they have to admit that it is true to a certain level. What this also means is that carriers are more than happy, for the most part, to offer the phone on their network.However getting the iPhone onto a network isn’t as […]

SoftBank Announces Sharp Aquos Xx 302SH And Sharp Aquos Xx mini 303SH

Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank has just made an announcement for a couple of new smartphones, namely the Sharp Aquos Xx 302SH and the Sharp Aquos Xx mini 303SH. The introduction of these two smartphones would mean that they would be part of the recently unveiled Fujitsu Arrows A family which was also revealed to play a role in SoftBank’s winter range of smartphones. Just what kind of hardware capability does […]

Softbank Reportedly Wanted To Acquire Universal Music Group For $8.5 Billion

It was recently where Softbank managed to acquire a controlling stake in major US carrier, Sprint, and unsurprisingly it seems that Sprint might not have been the only company that the Japanese company had their eye on. According to a report from The Financial Times, not only were Softbank interested in acquiring a company in the US that had its hooks in the telecommunications market, but they wanted to sink […]

Fujitsu Arrows A SoftBank 202F Smartphone Claims To Have Long Battery Life

Fujitsu Arrows A SoftBank 202F has a 3,000mAh battery.

Sprint Shareholders Approve Of SoftBank Merger

Majority of Sprint’s shareholders have voted in favor of a merger with SoftBank.

Softbank Increases Offer To $21.6B For Sprint Merger

SoftBank has decided to throw in another $1.5 billion to increase their Sprint merger price to $21.6 billion.

Sprint-Softbank Deal Approved By CFIUS

The CFIUS has recently approved the Softbank-Sprint deal, now all that’s left is the FCC.

Softbank’s itomaki AC Adapter Is A Color Alternative

AC adapters aren’t something you really pay that much attention to, but if you do have a lot of cables running and you wish that your AC adapters looked a bit better, you might want to consider moving to Japan because Japanese company, Softbank, has announced their plans to release the “itomaki AC Adapter” which as you can see pictured above, certainly does not look like your run of the […]