Researchers and scientists have managed to discover a method that will enable LCD displays juice themselves up using nothing but solar power, indoor lighting or even the device’s very own backlight. To put it in a nutshell, imagine delivering some much needed battery power to your smartphone that is sputtering along to its final 10% of battery simply by pointing it towards the sun – without having to plug it into the wall, that is. Lead UCLA researcher, Yang Yang, was recently interviewed on this particular technology, and it involves taking advantage of recycling the light emitted in the LCD process instead of wasting it via the polarizer.

Apart from that, your device can also be placed under sunlight or room light, allowing it to function as a solar cell so that electricity can be generated from external sources of light, juicig up the battery in the process. Basically, any device that requires polarizes will be able to take advantage of the invention – ranging from smartphones to desktop monitors and LCD TVs.

It is hoped that such technology will arrive in the market within the next five years, commercializing it is still a long, long way to go.

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