We understand that using solar power to charge your phone isn’t exactly news, but perhaps this solar powered charging concept by designer Nikolay Bastrakov might have a little something extra to it that will make it more interesting.

Charging your device via solar power is great as it does not pollute the environment. Instead it harnesses the power of the sun to generate enough juice for us to charge our devices, but what about days that are cloudy, or too dark, or what if the device is angled at an inefficient way to receive the sun’s rays? Usually that’s when solar panels start to lose their appeal and efficiency, which is why Nikolay Bastrakov has come up with a concept solar powered charger that will be able to function just as well on a cloudy day as it would on a sunny day.

For starters he plans to use a battery capable of absorbing solar radiation in two color spectrums that allows it to store energy even on cloudy days. Next he will use a polymer composite of silicone and plastic derivatives that is said to combine strength and elasticity, as well as making it light weight and resistant to our surroundings, i.e. sand, rain, dirt, etc. Last but not least, he will also utilize Fresnel lenses which have been used in light houses, allowing them to be more visible over great distances. What the lens does, in terms of the solar panel, is that it allows rays of the sun to pass through despite however the lenses are placed, thus taking care of the issue regarding proper angles.

It does not look like Nikolay has plans to start the mass production of his idea, although if he has indeed come up with a more efficient way of solar powered charging, it’s only a matter of time before other companies pick up on it too.

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