Mitsubishi has just debuted their solar-powered charging station for electric vehicles (EV) today at the MMNA headquarters in Cypress, California. This is fine and dandy considering how electric cars are rather fashionable and popular in California itself. As for the charging station, it will be powered by ninety six 175W photovoltaic modules from Mitsubishi Electric. What kind of vehicles will this charging station be able to juice up? For starters, it will support CHAdeMO compatible electric vehicles including the Mitsubishi i that has yet to arrive (until November later this year, of course).

It seems that Mitsubishi Electric’s solar panels are constructed from 100% lead-free solder, and is touted to sport one of the better sunlight-to-energy conversion ratios around, which further makes it more efficient to use and will definitely be in contention to be picked up by organizations if it were ever to be considered as a purchase. 

You can juice up to a quartet of vehicles simultaneously, and there is a trio of chargers with different voltages to suit just about any EV.

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