soundcloud-sonyIf you’ve ever listened to a DJ mix, you’ll probably have realized that it’s essentially a mashup of a bunch of different songs that have been seamlessly blended together to sound like one song. This allows the DJ to transition from song to song without breaking in between, and also allows the DJ to add their own effects and twist on things.

More often than not, such mixes can be found on SoundCloud. The good news for DJs or for those who love DJ mixes is that SoundCloud will no longer take them down from its website. This is according to a Groove interview with SoundCloud’s co-founder Eric Wahlforss (via Thump), who told the German publication that users can now upload DJ mixes onto the platform “problem-free”.

In the past, SoundCloud has been taking down various remixes and DJ sets due to copyright infringement. Like we said, DJ mixes usually consists of using various individual songs, but the problem is while some record companies might be fine, others might not, but because the mix is one song by itself, you can’t just remove one portion of it.

As it stands music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify already offer unofficial DJ mixes, so it looks like SoundCloud just got a little more competitive with this move.

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