soundcloud landrIt is one thing to be able to record your own music, but it is an entirely different thing to know how to use a piece of software to mix and master your recordings into a polished product that you would expect from performing artists these days. However the good news is that SoundCloud users won’t have to bother learning it themselves.

SoundCloud has recently announced a partnership with LANDR in which the latter’s software will apply itself to recordings upload to SoundCloud’s platform. What happens is that after it has been uploaded, it will be mastered based on a format called “Optimized for SoundCloud”, which we can only assume means that it will be more catered towards users who stream, rather than audiophiles who might expect a different kind of quality from their music.

According to SoundCloud’s Vice President of Creators Product and Content Operations Matt Fenby Taylor. “Creators are at the forefront of everything we do at SoundCloud. LANDR has created a great tool which allows anyone to achieve professional quality sound. We’re excited to partner with them to bring this easy-to-use, cost-free solution to our community of creators, enabling them to enhance the music they upload to SoundCloud.”

How LANDR works is that with every upload, they will analyze it and based on that, they will try to achieve the optimized mastering process, which will ultimately take out a lot of the guesswork from mastering a song yourself. For those who are interested, head on over to LANDR’s SoundCloud page to check it out.

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