Microsoft Surface-Branded Bluetooth Keyboard Reportedly In The Pipeline

It has been a while since Microsoft launched new Surface-branded hardware and if a report is believed, it may be coming out with a new device in the near future. Where there have already been a lot of rumors about a new Surface tablet, laptop and even an all-in-one PC, the latest report suggests that Microsoft has a Surface-branded Bluetooth keyboard in the pipeline.

Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC Expected To Launch Next Month

Microsoft has spent a lot of time and resources to build its Surface brand as one of the best for Windows-powered devices. Last year, the company expanded the Surface brand with its first ever laptop, aptly called Surface Book. If reports are to be believed, Microsoft might be in the process of expanding this brand to another PC form factor. Microsoft is reportedly going to launch a Surface-branded all-in-one PC […]

New Surface Device Possibly Coming Soon

Microsoft could be launching a new Surface device in the near future. It won’t be surprising given that it has been a while since the company released a Surface device. An app developer spotted hints to the upcoming device during his visit to Microsoft’s building 88 recently, it also appears that multiple Surface products are planned for release in 2017.

Microsoft Launches A Surface Membership Program

Running a business can be expensive which is why sometimes companies are stuck using old computers and hardware because upgrading is costly. However the good news is that if you’re a company looking to ensure that you have the latest hardware possible, Microsoft has launched a membership program for their Surface products.

Advertising Now Directs To Microsoft’s Website

There has been talk about Microsoft possibly making a Surface Phone. The main difference here is that the Surface Phone would be a smartphone made completely from scratch by Microsoft, versus the Lumia brand which they acquired when they bought Nokia’s mobile division.

Surface Tablets Stopped Working Halfway Through AFC Championship Game

Several years ago, Microsoft signed a deal with the NFL in which their Surface lineup of tablets would be used during games in which they can be used for reviewing plays. No doubt this was a good idea as in the past, we have seen how effective digital means of communication for sports has been, in which playbooks can be condensed into a file on the tablet.

Microsoft Says Sorry To Surface Owners

‘Tis the season to be jolly, that is for sure, and if one were to restore goodwill, then saying sorry would go a long way. We do know that Microsoft apologized to users of its OneDrive cloud storage service earlier today, no thanks to a huge backlash that occurred after making changes last month, and one of the main reasons for the backlash was doing away with its unlimited storage […]

Microsoft Surface Videos Still Sport Windows 8.1

Those who feel that summer should be half a year long as compared to the other seasons will definitely not like all of those back to school advertisements which are a constant reminder that summer has to share the time within a year equally with winter, spring and autumn. Having said that, Microsoft has already shown off a bunch of new videos that depict the functionality of the education oriented […]

Microsoft’s Surface Is A Billion Dollar Business

It is earnings report time again, and the report card from Microsoft does not read too shabbily. In fact, it seems that the Surface family of devices is now a billion dollar business for the company – officially speaking, of course. How does Microsoft classify its billion dollar organizations? Why, through a business channel which is capable of generating a whopping one billion dollars or more each quarter. The Surface […]

Surface Hub App Updated

Earlier this year in October, Microsoft did introduce a spanking new Surface Hub app on their Windows 8.1 operating system, where it was mentioned back then that the design of the app will hopefully be able to assist users to maximize the use of their Surface Pro 3 tablets. The app itself did not come with too many functionalities, however, where users were only able to play around with the […]

Microsoft May Stop Producing ARM-Based Surface Tablets [Report]

A couple of conflicting reports have come up today regarding the Surface tablet. First it was said that Microsoft is going to kill its tablet lineup completely but the company responded that it is committed to Surface Pro and that there will be a next-generation model. Now a new report has been published online which claims that while the Pro tablets will continue to exist, Microsoft may do away with ARM-based […]

Microsoft Reiterates Support To Surface Tablet Program

There has been a lot of speculation recently about the future of Microsoft’s tablet business. We covered a rumor earlier today which claimed that Microsoft was actually thinking about giving up on this business altogether. The company was rumored to be not interested in developing a successor to the Surface Pro 3 owing to lackluster sales of the existing models. Microsoft’s official response has come up now and it has […]

Surface 3, Surface Mini Rumored For Holiday Release

Earlier this year Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 tablet. It was interesting that there was no mention of a Surface 3, the ARM-based version of Microsoft’s Surface tablet lineup, but now according to a report from TK Tech News who cites multiple sources, it seems that Microsoft has a Surface 3 in the works that could be launched this holiday season. TK Tech News also goes on to state […]

Royal Caribbean International Employees Get A Windows Tablet

Pilots and tablets do not mix very well, at least if one were to take into consideration this particular incident where the plane dropped 5,000 feet in mid-air due to being occupied by the iPad. Well, it should not cause too much consternation to cruise passengers with word that up to 40,000 cruise ship employees working with Royal Caribbean International – which will also boast of robot bartenders on board […]