Apple is one of those companies that people love to hate, whether it be because the company seems to be “slow” when introducing new features to its products that competitors have had for years, its price, its design, its naming scheme, and so on. However it seems that despite many people seemingly mocking Apple, quite a few people actually own an Apple product.


This is according to a report by CNBC in which they found that nearly two-thirds of Americans own an Apple product. To be more specific, the poll found that 64% of those polled own an Apple product, which is actually a respectable gain from the previous poll conducted 5 years ago where it was found that 50% of Americans own an Apple product.

It was also found that the average American household reports owning 2.6 Apple products, which once again is up by a full Apple product based on the survey conducted 5 years ago. According to Jay Campbell, pollster with Hart Research who helped conduct the survey, “I cannot think of any other product — especially any other product at a high price point — that has that kind of permeation with the public and level of growth.”

It is interesting to see that there are more people owning more Apple products these days, especially when you consider that Apple has since branched into quite a few new product categories.

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