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Nokia 803 leaked?
It looks like Nokia has quite a number of devices under wraps – after reports of the Nokia 801 yesterday, rumors of yet another Nokia device have sprouted up. This time it’s from the folks over at BGR who have got some information on a device called the Nokia 803 – a Nokia Belle running phone that has a 4″ AMOLED display, an HDMI-out port, microSIM support and NFC capabilities. […]

Nokia Belle update could start rolling out 8th February
So while we may have gotten official word that the Nokia Belle update is expected to roll out in February, unfortunately it was not specified as to when exactly in February will Symbian users be receiving the update. Well that could have changed thanks to Nokia’s Vietnamese website who might have accidentally let the cat out of the bag ahead of schedule, thus revealing that the update will begin rolling […]

Nokia Belle arriving in February 2012
We’ve previously mentioned that Symbian Belle would be making its way to selected Nokia handsets early next year. Well today, Nokia has renamed the operating system to Nokia Bell and given us a date to look forward to: February 2012. In addition to the update being delivered to Symbian handsets, Nokia announced that it will be selling enhanced versions of the Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 with Nokia […]

Symbian Belle updates coming early 2012
Symbian, Symbian, what are we to do with you? You used to be the de facto operating system when it came to mobile phones, but with the introduction of smartphones, your market share started getting chipped away at, and nothing was done until it was a little bit too late, leading to the quagmire that you find yourself in today. Nokia, in fact, has already decided to ditch the Symbian […]


Google quietly pulls Gmail app for Symbian
Bad news Symbian owners, if you currently rely on the Gmail Java client for your phone, it seems that Google is quietly pulling the plug on the app and ceasing support for the app as far as Symbian devices are concerned. No official announcement from Google on this matter, but we guess since the app hasn’t been updated for the past two years, it was only a matter of time […]

Kik Messenger now on Symbian
Good news for Symbian phone users who are feeling left out of the Kik messenger community. Today, Kik Interactive announced that its Kik Messenger service is now ready to roll out on Symbian devices. The app/service has been in beta testing for quite a while now and it looks like it is now ready for prime time for Nokia phones.In case you didn’t know, Kik Messenger is a free messaging […]

Nokia to release dual-core Symbian phones?
Despite Nokia’s strong commitment to Windows Phone, the company is refusing to let Symbian die. According to a blurry cam photograph that surfaced recently, it looks like Nokia has a lot of plans for its Symbian devices. The photograph shows a future road map for the Symbian operating system, and apparently the next two versions will be called Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna. If the picture turns out to be […]

Swype arriving on the Nokia Store soon
Good news for folks who aren’t fans of typing text using the hunt and peck method required by regular touchscreen keyboards. Nokia has announced that Swype for Symbian devices is almost ready to be released on the Nokia Store. The alternative keyboard was released on the Nokia Beta Labs a while ago for users to test, and after months of refinements, it looks like the keyboard is almost good to […]

Nokia introduces NFC Games for Symbian phones
If you own an NFC-enabled Symbian phone and you’re looking for some entertainment, why not take a break from Angry Birds and try something different instead? Nokia has just released NFC Games on the Beta Labs – a collection of games that require you to use the NFC functionality of your Nokia phone. But in addition to having the app and NFC phone, you’ll need a whole bunch of cards […]

Nokia City Scene gives you a full-on visual location-aware experience
If you’re into exploring places but you don’t like leaving the house, or you find yourself not having the time to travel and go on long holidays, Nokia has the app just for you. Called Nokia City Scene, this app lets you “explore places before you get there to get a feel for the local environment or to find out what that place you’ve always wanted to go to looks […]

Nokia 600 cancelled
A few months ago Nokia announced the launch of its “loudest smartphone to date” – the Nokia 600. Well for those of you that were waiting for the entertainment-filled phone with super loud speakers, we’ve got some bad news for you: Nokia has cancelled the phone. It all started when some people noticed that web pages dedicated to the phone were silently removed from the Nokia servers, and the Nokia […]

Nokia releases new Screen Reader app
In an attempt to make smartphones more usable for the visually impaired, Nokia has announced a new Screen Reader app just for that purpose. Called Screen Reader, the app is designed to help blind people or those who have trouble reading things on their phones. Nokia Screen Reader is an app that basically converts any screen content into speech.Screen Reader can be used to aid with texting, calling, browsing the […]

Nokia to bring NFC to New York commuters
If you ever wanted a reason to get your hands on a Nokia device, the Finnish company has entered into an agreement with the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to develop an NFC-based ticketing solution, whose pilot program is expected to make its debut on regional commuter trains by the end of 2011. Given that we’re about 2 months away from the end of year, it looks like commuters […]

Nokia QWERTY Symbian phone to be announced at Nokia World?
It looks like Nokia has more to announce than just Windows Phone devices at Nokia World 2011 tomorrow. It looks like the company will be unveiling a new Symbian device at the event as well. The folks over at engadget managed to catch some Nokia reps unpacking some boxes containing an unnamed Nokia device. The model number of the device has been covered up, but judging by its looks and […]