Nokia Shakespeare ShuffleIf you own an NFC-enabled Symbian phone and you’re looking for some entertainment, why not take a break from Angry Birds and try something different instead? Nokia has just released NFC Games on the Beta Labs – a collection of games that require you to use the NFC functionality of your Nokia phone. But in addition to having the app and NFC phone, you’ll need a whole bunch of cards that are NFC-enabled: credit cards, ID badges, hotel keys – basically anything that requires you to wave it over a reader of some sort.

The three games available now are Nokia World Flags (a flag matching game), Nokia Nursery Rhyme Shuffle (a game where players have to arrange nursery rhymes in order) and Nokia Shakespeare Shuffle (a game where players piece together Shakespeare quotes). Judging by the games so far, it seems like they are targeted at younger/casual gamers, but it’s a start. I can’t wait to see what kind of NFC-based games the future has in store for us.

Head over to Nokia Beta Labs to check out the NFC games now. You’ll need a Symbian NFC-enabled phone i.e. Nokia C7-00, Nokia C7 Astound, Nokia 600, Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701.

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