Sleep is important as it helps to boost our memory, controls our metabolism and in a way, helps to determine our mood for the next day (sleeping 3 hours before getting up for work will most definitely leave you in a relatively foul mood). So if you need help tracking your sleeping patterns, typical sleep monitoring systems involve attaching some kind of contraption to your body, which can sometimes hinder the way you sleep due to the unfamiliar sensation, and provide inaccurate results.


Nyx Devices has recognized that problem, and have come up with the Somnus Sleep Shirt, which is supposed to feel like a regular t-shirt, but within it contains thin and flexible respiration sensors that measure the wearer’s breathing as they move about the bed. Attached to a small pocket at the bottom of the shirt is a key-sized device called the SleepLogger, which powers the sensors in the shirt, and can also record data for up to five nights. It starts recording the moment it is plugged into the shirt, and transmits the data to Nyx’s website for analysis when the device is plugged in for charging.

It’s still in its testing phases but the company is aiming for a release in the summer of next year, and they’re thinking of pricing it below $100.

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