We have smart TVs, smartphones, and soon – smart T-shirts. No, these T-shirts will not be some kind of alien symbiote that you see attached to Cletus Cassidy or Eddie Brock, but they do retain some bit of “intelligence” if you will. How does it work? Well, those who have had experience in hospitals (or one of those medical dramas you watch on TV) will definitely be able to identify with all the wires that stick out of a patient in distress, and this smart T-shirt intends to do away with such a mess of wires.


This smart T-shirt system is currently being worked on by researchers over at Carlos III University in Madrid, where it will rely on a tank top in favor of rubber suckers, hence doing away with wires in the form of a wireless configuration. The tank top is so much more aesthetically pleasing, and even better news is, it costs far less. Nice to know the T-shirt itself can be washed (relief for your noses, eh?) despite holding a series of electrodes which are capable of measuring and recording bioelectrical activity.

The T-shirt will most probably be accessorized within the next few months with a belt. Even as the current system functions on Wi-Fi-like technology, it might be reworked to have it run over a range-extending GSM network. Have it made out of organic cotton and you’ve got yourself a winner – green and wireless, what’s there not to like?

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